Lagos SUBEB Holds Health Week, Tasks Staff on Healthy Lifestyle 

Funmi Ogundare

The Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board (LSUBEB) recently held the Y2023 Health Week, which enabled its staff to check their health status and take necessary steps towards controlling their lifestyle. The one-week long programme was themed, ‘Healthy Living’.

Speaking with journalists, the Chairman of the board, Dr. Akeem Shittu, expressed concern that most people don’t check their health status because they seem to be too busy.

He explained that good health means productivity and that a healthy mind and body will be productive.

He appealed to its staff to take advantage of the opportunity to know their health status.

“Quite a number of people suffer from one ailment or another, but early detection is key to treat such ailment as it will enable you to control your lifestyle,” said Shittu.

A medical doctor and head of clinical services at Clinix Healthcare Limited, Oluwaseun Akindasa, who lectured the staff on the various diseases and ailments and their prevalence, stated they needed to take their health seriously and go for regular check-ups.

She called on governments at all levels to improve on making healthcare facilities available for the masses in Nigeria and ensure that there is adequate health education in the country that will focus on disease prevention rather than treatment.

Akindasa noted that more healthcare facilities and personnel needed to be on the ground, especially in the rural areas, adding that the government should focus on campaigns that will educate the people on preventing diseases rather than on treatment to improve healthcare in the country.

She expressed concern that accessing healthcare is expensive in Nigeria and that poor people, especially in rural areas, have to trek several miles to access quality healthcare.

 “For instance, in the rural areas, pregnant women have to trek several miles to access anti-natal care. There should be room for improvement in the healthcare system,” Akindasa explained. “We need to subsidise healthcare delivery and ensure healthcare insurance. There are so many things that should be done by government and individuals.”

She advised Nigerians to curtail certain lifestyle habits such as drinking and smoking and ensure a general health screening regularly by having their blood pressure and general health check, as well as a breast examination, saying that early disease detection saves lives.

“Nigerians should look out for signs and symptoms and understand their health. As an individual, you need to know what to avoid and how your lifestyle can affect your health. Unhealthy lifestyles such as drinking and smoking can lead to death,” she stated.

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