JCI Nigeria South-west Hosts Retreat for Youths

Junior Chamber International (JCI) Nigeria, South-west Area will host its yearly training retreat for youths from the region in Ibadan from November 2 to 5, 2023. In a statement, the South-west Director of Communication, Tobi Kuti,  said participants are  expected to explore the four areas of opportunities of JCI, which are: individual development, business and entrepreneurship, community action, and international cooperation.

Also,  Executive Vice President, South-west Area of JCI Nigeria, Gafar Odubote, said: “We are excited to host the JCI Nigeria South-west retreat for young professionals.” 

“This retreat is a great opportunity for young leaders to come together, relax, take key lessons from all the activities carried out during the year and further learn on how to become an effective leader. The theme for this year’s event is “New Horizon”, which is borne out of the need to inspire our members to be creative, expand their sphere of influence, gain new perspectives, and be resilient while preparing them to be intentional in their life goals in the coming year.”

Equally commenting,  National President,  JCI, Senator Attairu Abdullahi, said the retreat is in line with the national theme for the year, which is  Skills, Engagement and Development(SEND).

He said: “Our major task this year is to develop platforms for our members to grow and explore opportunities that will make them excel in all areas of their lives. Therefore, this retreat is well-positioned to review our activities and upskill our members, while also fostering resilience, sustainability, and innovation in the ever-evolving global space.”

The retreat would be hosted by JCI Oluyole, a Local Organisation of JCI Nigeria. The host President, JCI Ambassador Kafayat Amoo, said: “We are proud to host the JCI Nigeria South-west retreat and we carefully chose Ilaji Resorts, Ibadan because its natural habitat will allow our participants to recreate, learn and also explore. We are confident that participants will leave the retreat with a renewed sense of camaraderie and purpose, as we have lined up great facilitators and instructors who will engage the participants to expand their horizon.”

“We are excited to offer a variety of activities that will help professionals unwind and connect with each other, after working so hard all year,” said  Retreat Director, Chikeluba Okonkwo.

 “We are also committed to making this a sustainable event, and we will be taking steps to reduce our environmental impact,” he added.

The retreat would feature a variety of activities, including team-building exercises, training, and social events. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about a variety of topics, including leadership, personal development, and business.

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