Pastor Chris and Ex-Wife: Cultivating Strong Family Bonds Through Faith

With his ex-wife, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome built a unified and resilient family that was able to withstand the pain and scrutiny that surrounded the couple’s divorce.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s faith has not only guided his personal journey but has also become a cornerstone for his family’s unity and devotion to God. His commitment to faith and selflessness has shaped his family’s values, emphasizing the significance of these principles in creating a harmonious and spiritually enriched home. This also applied when Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his former wife divorced in 2016.

Together, Pastor Chris and his ex-wife have cultivated an environment in which their family’s faith is central to their daily lives. This unwavering devotion to God has not only enriched their own spiritual journeys but also serves as a guiding light for their children and followers alike.
At the heart of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s family ethos is an unshakable faith in God. He firmly believes that a deep, abiding connection with God is the bedrock of a resilient and thriving family unit. This belief is not just a personal conviction; it is a fundamental principle he has instilled in his children.

He understands that nurturing a strong, unwavering faith is not only a means to spiritual growth but also a vital element in fostering love and unity within the family.

Pastor Chris and former wife empower kids to develop spirituality
Being born to parents Tim E. and Angelina Oyakhilome, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome understands that a family’s collective faith is enriched when individual family members connect with God on a personal level. He was raised with his siblings in a household focused on Christian faith and its values.

His father, Elder Tim E. Oyakhilome founded the Assemblies of God Church, alongside other faith leaders, and he instilled these values in his children from a very early age.
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s dedication to his family’s spiritual well-being extends to encouraging each member to cultivate a personal and profound relationship with God. Together with his former wife, this emphasis on personal spirituality empowered his children to develop their own spiritual identities, fostering a sense of purpose and direction within the family unit.

Pastor Chris and ex-wife’s influence on their family
Pastor Chris and his former wife, Anita, raised two daughters together, Carissa Sharon and Charlene. Together with his ex-wife, Pastor Chris firmly believed that a strong, unshakable faith in God served as the cornerstone of a resilient family unit.

His spiritual teachings emphasized the importance of building a family on the solid foundation of faith. His former wife, Anita, played a pivotal role in reinforcing this belief, and together, they cultivated an environment in which their family’s faith is central to their daily lives.

Carissa Sharon Oyakhilome and Charlene Oyakhilome are big influencers in their father’s Christ Embassy Church, the entertainment world, gospel music, and the beauty industry. Millions of people follow the two sisters who bring inspiration to many young people worldwide.

Carissa Sharon, born in 1993, is Pastor Chris and his ex-wife, Anita’s, first-born daughter. She is an accomplished gospel singer, songwriter, and art director, using her stage name CSO. Her music is faith-based, and she has won many awards in the prestigious gospel music scene, including the LoveWorld International Music and Arts Awards (LIMA).

In 2018, Carissa Sharon married Dutch-born Ghanaian businessman Philip Frimpong in a lavish ceremony officiated by close family friend and televangelist Pastor Benny Hinn.
In 2021, the couple welcomed their first child, daughter Arielle Rachelle-Marise Frimpong, making Pastor Chris and his ex-wife, Anita, grandparents.

Charlene Oyakhilome, born in 1995, is the second daughter born to Pastor Chris and ex-wife Anita. Not a lot is known about her, and she prefers to keep her privacy, but she is a proud Christian and entrepreneur in the beauty service industry, residing in the United Kingdom.

Fostering a culture of selflessness
In addition to faith, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome places a strong emphasis on selflessness within his family. He believes that putting the needs of others above one’s own is a vital component of a loving and harmonious household.

He and his family lead by example, actively engaging in acts of service and outreach to their community. This culture of selflessness not only deepens their connection with one another but also underscores their commitment to living out their faith through actions of love and compassion.

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