Rema Makes History on Spotify with ‘Calm Down’

Rema Makes History on Spotify with ‘Calm Down’

Vanessa Obioha

In a groundbreaking moment for African music, Rema, the Afrobeats artist, has etched his name into the annals of music history by reaching a staggering one billion streams on the global music streaming platform Spotify. This achievement was unlocked by his chart-topping hit ‘Calm Down,’ featuring the internationally acclaimed Selena Gomez. This remarkable feat makes it the first African artist-led track to join the exclusive “Billions Club” on Spotify.

The data, shared by the company as part of Spotify’s “Afrobeats: Journey to a Billion Streams” project, paints a vivid picture of Rema’s prominence. He solidly holds a place among the top 10 most streamed Afrobeats artists on the platform.

“It’s a blessing. It’s not just a big win for me, my team and family, it’s also a big one for the culture,” said Rema.

Released in August 2022, the ‘Calm Down’ remix swiftly became a global sensation, capturing hearts around the world. Its magic lies in the fusion of Afrobeats rhythms and Afro-fusion melodies, complemented by Rema’s unique and soulful vocals. However, the pièce de résistance was the unexpected collaboration with Selena Gomez on an Afrobeats track. The song’s production seamlessly blends modern and traditional elements, serving as a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of African music. Rema’s distinct sound has propelled him to the forefront of the global music stage, with the track’s highest streams hailing from the USA, India, Mexico, Brazil, and the UK.

The song’s infectious chorus and relatable lyrics have made it a staple on both dancefloors and personal playlists, with data showing that Calm Down has been added to over a million Spotify playlists.

“This milestone is absolutely remarkable for Rema, marking a pivotal moment for this talented artist and the entire Afrobeats community. It’s clear that the genre is making a significant impact and gaining substantial influence on the global music stage, and we are excited to continue supporting it at Spotify,” said Spotify’s Artist and Label Partnerships Manager for West Africa, Victor Okpala.

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