Osun, GTNL Seal Deal to Ensure Telcos Complies with State’s Environmental Laws

Yinka Kolawole in Osogbo

As part of efforts to grease the wheel of development, Osun State Government has entered into an agreement with Global Transactions Nigeria Limited (GTNL) to ensure that telecommunications infrastructure complies with the laws of Osun state, particularly the State of Osun Environmental Protection Law 2022.

The GTNL is empowered to carry out audits, inspections of existing installations within the state, to ensure compliance with relevant regulations and ensure notices, guidelines, and regulations necessary to enforce contravention against owners and developers of installations in breach of regulations are done.
GTNL would ensure that all fines and application fees are paid by applicants and persons in breach of regulations.

The appointment of Global Transactions Nigeria Limited was an impressive move to protect the environment and the people of Osun State by Governor Ademola Jackson Adeleke.
The Executive Chairman Mr. Rotimi George Taylor, has promised to ensure that all laws regulating telecommunications and environmental infrastructure in Osun State were complied with.

Meanwhile, Governor of Osun State, Adeleke, will soon commence fixing of long lasting infrastructural projects in the state as part of the promises made to the people of the state.
Speaking over the weekend with THISDAY in Osogbo, former Caretaker Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state, Dr. Akindele Adekunle, noted that all abandoned projects within the state would be revisited for timely completion.

Adekunle, stressed that roads would also be constructed in all local government areas in the state, while the federal constituencies would equally benefit immensely in the developmental agenda of the state Governor.
He remarked that since the enthronement of the present administration all promises made are being fully implemented.
According to him “Adeleke had surpassed people’s expectations considering the situation met on ground because he has done well based on Infrastructural development so far.”

Also, Adeleke yesterday congratulated Adekunle, on the occasion of his birthday, extolling his virtues and incredible leadership qualities.
Adeleke, who applauded him for his role in the actualisation of the Imole government, noted in a congratulatory message signed by his Spokesperson, Mallam Olawale Rasheed, that the accomplished medical practitioner character and honesty were enduring features of his person.

“I’m extremely pleased to wish Dr. Akindele Adekunle a happy birthday. Dr. Akindele is a man of impeccable character, and added to this, is the strong will to succeed in any role he finds himself, a feature that worked well in our favour in returning PDP to power in Osun state,” the Governor noted in a congratulatory message.

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