Major Setback for Sylva as Key Loyalist Dumps Campaign Train for Diri

Olusegun Samuel in Yenagoa

The crisis and intrigues surrounding the second coming of former Minister of State, Petroleum, Chief Timipre Sylva as Bayelsa State Governor took another nose dive yesterday as one of his core loyalist and a former member of the House of Assembly and Federal House of Representatives, Hon Israel Sunny-Goli, has dumped  him for  Governor Douye Diri.

Sonny-Goli, a strong chieftain of the All Progressive Party (APC) in the state and core loyalist of Sylva, candidate of the party in the forthcoming  governorship election coming up in November 11,  quit Sylva’s campaign train, saying the former governor has lost the structures to win an election in the state.

Sunny-Goli, the immediate past member representing Nembe-Brass federal constituency, at a news conference in Yenagoa, said the former Petroleum Resources Minister, his principal of over 20 years, has no structure to defeat Governor Douye Diri of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

He said the reason for quitting Sylva campaign train was due to his lack of capacity to win election.

Hon. Sunny-Goli, who displayed a governorship race chat, with incumbent, Gov. Diri , expected him to  emerge victorious in the eight local government areas of the State during the forthcoming governorship elections.

According to him, said the former minister/governor has taken his loyalty of over 20 years for granted and as such he could not  continue to support Sylva.

He said though there are other members of the party that will support  Sylva, “but because my interest is not in him I pulled out and it doesn’t mean the party will not conduct election , so that tomorrow people will not take loyalty and support for granted.”

“I have told you earlier on that  Sylvia is taking my loyalty for granted and support for over 20 something years and undermining me. I have mentioned here during my presentation that myself and supporters across the state have decided on who to support when it comes to the governorship election come November11, 2023 and we will know who we will support and in the appropriate time we will let you know where we are going to put our vote.”

“So don’t put on and as a politician have looked at the state and how the parties are preparing and it is my right to also say how I feel and I have told you as it stands if INEC is to conduct election, Gov.  Diri will win.  And am giving you a graphic position so wait for me to tell you who I will support come November election.”

Hon. Sunny-Goli, who was accompanied to the media interactive session by scores of traditional chief and thousands of supporters, dismissed the claims that he will defect to the ruling PDP  in the state, insisting that he remains a member of the All Progressive Congress (APC).

He said: “ Uptill  date, I am still a member of the APC.  You know we just elected our President, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and am proud to be among those that supported him to succeed. On the occasion of having issues with my principal, Chief Timipre Sylva, these are issues that bother on taking my loyalty for more than 20 years for granted. I have discussed with my supporters across the state ,have told them my reasons and they have accepted.”

“Also I have my right to support whosoever I want to support when election comes. It is a  tough decision because  for you to leave a place where you have stayed over 20years is not easy. But for some obvious reasons I have to take a decision for some people to know that my loyalty and  support should not be taken for granted for whatever reason , so am quitting the campaign of Timipre Sylva becoming the governor of Bayelsa State come November 11 and at the appropriate time the world will know where we are going to support. Myself and my supporters. “

“I have looked at all the parties and all the candidates and campaign to win the hands of Bayelsa and am also convinced that as it stands Timipre Sylva does not have the political structure of Bayelsa state to win Douye Diri come November 11,2023.”

“The governorship election is not a child play is something you will work years to achieve, you don’t use  three months is not possible by any political calculation and if INEC were to conduct election today I tell you Douye Diri will win.”

“We are all politicians we know what it means to win election, so today am also giving a possession against November 11 and I reassure to all the leaders,  men and women here, I will do well also to ensure that on monthly bases I will review on whatever am doing today.”

“Anybody can counter me but as a politician and one that have been involved for over three decades, I know what it takes to win election.  I will be giving you update and reviews of this presentation and by next month on the 10th of next month  I will still call you and look at it again where a candidate stand until Nov 11 where a governor elect will be declared.

“You don’t take things for granted, if you want to win election you must talk to your people , douye diri is trying his best, he has brought peace back to the state ,APC man will bring thug unlike when gov dickson was here ,I can attest to that there was a victim of attacks and other attacks but that is not the case there is serenity and peace amongst our people.”

“I want to thank you for creating the time to come and listen to this on what I have said today that the APC does not have the structure to win Douye Diri today and I wonder what he can do in this three months , it is practically impossible,  is not possible to overpower what somebody has done over the years.”

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