Orphanage Operators Canvass Legislative Measures for Orphans’ Support

Kuni Tyessi in Abuja

The Association of Orphanages and Home Operators in Nigeria (ASOHON) has called on the National Assembly to make favourable and implementable policies that will see to the welfare of orphans in the country.

ASOHON made the call in its general conference held in Abuja at the weekend, listing eight areas of partnership

The areas of partnership, according to ASOHON, would change the negative perception of orphanages and the misconception that they are solely responsible for the high number of vulnerable children.  

In his address, the National President of ASOHON, Dr. Gabriel Oyediji said the legislative policies and frameworks ate expected to define the rights and protection of orphans, including access to education, healthcare, inheritance and legal representation amongst others.

“We are advocating legislative policies and measures that establishes comprehensive legal frameworks that define the rights and protection of orphans, including access to education, healthcare, inheritance, and legal representation.

“A proactive streamlining and harmonization of adoption processes, reducing bureaucracy and ensuring the best interest of the child are prioritized while maintaining appropriate safeguards.

“Legislative policies and measures that strengthens foster care system including robust screening, training and support to foster families to provide stable and nurturing environment for orphaned children.

“Legislative policies that ensures availability of monthly grants for operators of registered homes as well as robust budgetary fund allocations to social development and humanitarian Ministries across the country.

“Other areas where we desire legislative measures and policies includes the following: Establishing mechanisms to ensure transparency and accountability in the disbursement of funds and resources allocated for orphan welfare.

“Raising awareness among the general public, policymakers, and stakeholders about the challenges faced by orphans and the importance of supporting their welfare.

“Conduct campaigns and educational programs to challenge societal stigmas and misconceptions surrounding orphan hood, promoting inclusivity and acceptance.”

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