Emmanuel Efeni Best Newspaper Reviewer of the Year 

From the THISDAY Newspapers, where he distinguished himself before moving to the broadcast arm, ARISE NEWS Channel, he has continued to shine brilliantly. Deputy Managing Director of ARISE NEWS, Emmanuel Efeni, has demonstrated his stunning aptitude as a newsman. Recently, Efeni brought glory to the world-class station when he was honoured with an award as ‘Seasoned Journalist and Best Newspaper Reviewer of the Year 2023’ for his contributions to national development and his unparalleled commitment towards his chosen profession, Funke Olaode reports.

Boldly inscribed on his award plaque were “Media Excellent Category presented to Emmanuel Efeni of ARISE TV as ‘Seasoned Journalist and Best Newspaper Reviewer of the Year 2023,’ In Recognition of Your Outstanding Feats of Media Excellence and Professionalism; For Your Impactful Contributions to National Development and Your Unparalleled Commitments towards Transforming Lives In Nigeria.” The awards organised by the  Nollyfans Achievements Awards were presented to eminent personalities for their diligent contributions and achievements in their chosen endeavours.

That the Deputy Managing Director of ARISE NEWS Channel, Emmanuel  Efeni, is a distinguished journalist,  broadcaster, writer, and administrator will be an understatement.  He has demonstrated his commitment to duty since his heyday as a reporter in The Guardian newsroom. His spirit of excellence and commitment to duty have continued to trail his career exploits, first as a newspaperman and later as an outstanding broadcaster.

Unassuming, humble and reserved, Efeni would rather allow his works to do the talking and even in the face of challenges, he would always forge on believing that his best would come. And that self-discovery, faith in himself, focus, dedication, hard work and commitment have seen him triumph. Indeed, his best is evolving, winning awards for his TV station and himself. Just a few months ago, he led the delegation that received three awards from the Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria.  Under his watch, ARISE NEWS has won ‘TV Station of the Year’, ‘News Station of the Year for English Language’, and ‘Reporter of the Year.’ The latter was won by  Ovietieme Judge.  And now, he has gone on to take his own individual award to celebrate his achievement.

With robust analysis of news content, and in-depth newspaper analysis, Efeni has endeared himself to Nigerians within and in the Diaspora.

“Oftentimes, the people who work behind the scenes, particularly the faces you don’t often see on screen, go unrecognised, but it is great to see that people recognised Efeni, that has been here for many years, serving excellently from THISDAY Newspaper to ARISE NEWS Channel excellently.  As part of the lead of the Editorial team for The Morning Show, Efeni contributes significantly to the outcome of the show that people enjoy so much,” Oseni Rufai remarked.

Eulogising his colleague and ‘Great Malabites’ as they address themselves since their path crossed as undergraduates of the University of Calabar in 1981, veteran journalist and Efeni’s ‘personal person’ on ARISE NEWS, Dr. Reuben Abati, said it was an honour well-deserved.

According to him, “Well, nobody should be surprised; after all, he is a Great Malabite! Malabites continue to prove their greatness whether it is in the media, politics, or at the level of the National Assembly, where only recently we have a Great Malabite as Senate President and another Great Malabite as Deputy Speaker.

“And the great impact of this is that the reward for hard work, as I keep saying, is more hard work. And I am sure I don’t need to explain that to Emmanuel Efeni, whom I have known as a hardworking person since 1981 when our paths crossed.

“Congratulations to Emmanuel Efeni, and congratulations to ARISE NEWS and all the people in the backend who are always making it possible for those of us who sit at the front of the camera to shine,” Abati said.

Speaking at the event, the organiser of Nollyfans Awards, Stephen Akposibruke, said the awards were aimed at celebrating individuals who have distinguished themselves through excellence and greatness.  And ARISE NEWS Analyst and Deputy Managing Director, Efeni, was also among the chosen.

According to him, due diligence was followed in selecting the awardees as prominent and credible personalities served as panelists and vetted the credential of the nominees. “For the media, we asked some of those veterans in the media as to who are the best in the media sector. They gave us names. The likes of Dr. Ruben Abati was one of our awardees last year.

“I always watch Emmanuel Efeni’s programme on TV, and I love his analyses. If you watch him as well, you will see that he is simply doing what he does out of passion for the job and country and not to gain unnecessary attention. Left for him, if you give him enough time, he is going to use up all the hours analysing burning issues regarding the nation. That’s why I love him.”

One of the guest speakers at the occasion, Dr. Bello Osigwe, also praised Efeni for his professionalism.  “ARISE NEWS has made some of us proud! When you listen to Mr Emmanuel Efeni when he is analysing the news, we get excited by putting you in the mood of relaxation. Then you are ready for the analyses.  Emmanuel does his work with passion.”

In his response, the awardee thanked the organisers for the honour bestowed on him.  “I am elated. I am excited. I was given this award in recognition of what we do every day and what we have done over the years in journalism and, most recently, the newspaper review on ARISE NEWS, which has been generating a lot of acclaim across the country. And today, there is an award specially for ‘The Best Newspaper Reviewer of the Year 2023’.  I want to thank the organisers of this awards for recognising what we do, and also to thank God that one’s effort is also being recognised with an award like this.  And, of course, thanks to all my colleagues on The Morning Show, the flagship programme of the ARISE NEWS Channel.”

Born on September 8, 1963, Efeni attended Hussey College, Warri, Delta State, from 1975-1980.  He is a graduate of the University of Calabar, where he studied Philosophy, and he attended the Executive Management Programmes of the prestigious Howard University Business School, Washington DC, USA, as well as Aston University Business School,  Birmingham, UK. He is a Fellow of The Leadership Institute, Arlington, Virginia, U.S.A.

He began his journalism career in 1991 as a Reporter with The Guardian Newspaper. At Guardian, he was nominated for Features Writer of the Year and Investigative Reporter of the Year categories of the Nigeria Media Merit Awards (NMMA) in 1992.

He joined THISDAY as an Assistant Editor in 1996, where he distinguished himself in all aspects of the newspaper business.

He was, at various times,  Features Editor, Deputy Editor and Editor, e-Publishing. He also edited the weekend titles, THISDAY, the Saturday Newspaper, and the Sunday Newspaper before his elevation to the Editorial Board. He was a Divisional  Director and later Executive Director.

Apart from being a newsman, Efeni is also an administrator par excellence. He was at different times THISDAY’s Director of Operations, Director of Newspaper Sales and Distribution, Director of Administration and Human Resources and Director of Advertising and Marketing.

A well-grounded individual, upon the establishment of ARISE in 2013, Efeni was seconded to the foremost TV station as Executive Director of the THISDAY-ARISE Media Group.  He is currently the Deputy Managing Director of the award-winning Arise News Channel, a familiar face and critical voice in The Morning Show, the flagship programme of the television station.

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