PressOne Africa Unveils Call AI to Unlock Customer loyalty, Growth for Small Businesses

PressOne Africa, a visionary technology company dedicated to transforming business communications across Africa, introduces Call AI, an innovative AI-driven tool designed to unlock customer loyalty and drive business growth for small businesses in Nigeria.

As small businesses face the challenges of narrowing profit margins and fierce competition, cultivating customer loyalty has become a secret weapon for revenue growth. PressOne Africa’s Call AI provides an effective solution by analyzing customer calls in real-time, enabling businesses to swiftly address customer grievances and prevent customer churn. This proactive approach not only fosters customer loyalty but also promotes repeat business, which is crucial for sustainable revenue growth.

Mayowa Okegbenle, CEO of PressOne Africa, emphasizes the importance of equipping small businesses with growth-enabling tools, stating, “Small businesses are pivotal to our economy. Our Call AI solution empowers them to anticipate and respond to customer needs promptly, ensuring customer loyalty and facilitating business growth.”
Traditionally, businesses relied solely on call notes and missed opportunities to understand and address the concerns of unsatisfied customers. With PressOne Africa’s Call AI, businesses can leverage advanced technology to transform customer sentiments into actionable insights, fostering customer loyalty and catalyzing revenue growth.

PressOne Africa’s Call AI seamlessly integrates into the PressOne cloud-based phone system and is also available as a stand-alone solution, providing flexibility for businesses of all setups to leverage real-time customer insights.

Unoma Adeyemi, Co-founder of PressOne Africa, highlights the significance of this technology in today’s economy, stating, “Utilizing our technology, small business owners can keep a pulse on their customer sentiments, without needing to be in the office. Creating loyal customers contributes more to business growth than acquiring new ones.”

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