Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Biography and Life in Nigeria

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s biography reflects an interesting life full of significant events regarding the Christian faith.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s biography and life in Nigeria

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s biography begins when he was born on December 7, 1963, in Edo, Nigeria, commonly known as Edo State. He was born to parents Tim E. and Angelina Oyakhilome, and he was raised with siblings in a household focused on the Christian faith and its values.

Edo State is located in the South area of Nigeria, and its population is approximately 8 million. Benin City is the capital and largest city in Edo State. In Benin City, Elder Tim E. Oyakhilome founded the Assemblies of God Church, alongside other faith leaders.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome grew up with this influence and therefore continued his father’s legacy by opening many organizations and educational opportunities for others. The Oyakhilome family was always supportive of these endeavors.

Elder Tim E. passed away in 2008, although Angelina is still living and is proud of her son for his sincere and widespread efforts. Read more below about Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s biography, his projects, including LoveWorld Inc., and his many broadcasts and educational programming.

Youth for Christ paves the way for Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s journey

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome received a robust education in multiple prestigious institutes. First, he studied at Edo College. He then proceeded to Bendel State University. It was here that he started an organization called Youth for Christ.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s group provided students with a space for prayer and further learning in faith.

Reverend Tom Amenkhienan was the choir leader in Youth for Christ’s beginnings. He helped students with their prayer, learning, and continued inspiration based on the Christian religion. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome working with students and other faith leaders in this format paved the path for the next chapter of his biography.

The impact of LoveWorld Inc.

In 1987, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome founded the Christ Embassy church. The organization is also known as LoveWorld Inc. and reaches about 13 million congregants and members globally. LoveWorld Inc. provides spiritual and educational programming surrounding Christian lessons and values.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome made it possible to access LoveWorld Inc. materials from anywhere in the world. Through the organization, members can find broadcasts, podcasts, reading material, and music to fuel their day with faith-based content. It is based out of Lagos, Nigeria, but has an international and online presence.

LoveWorld Inc. has other locations such as LoveWorld USA. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome found importance in localizing his content, as each country has its own unique relationship to Christianity, language, and culture. Other locations include LoveWorld UK, LoveWorld SAT (South Africa), LoveWorld Arabic, LoveWorld Persia, and LoveWorld India. This international presence keeps the large congregation up to date 24/7 with local access.

Pastor Chris extends a helping hand

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is passionate about his faith, community, and ability to teach. Due to this, LoveWorld Inc. not only expands to different countries but generates opportunities for those in need of education, food, and other necessities.

Some of LoveWorld Inc.’s programs include a monthly Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the Global Ministers’ Classroom, Your LoveWorld Specials with meaningful, live teachings, and more. The pastor goes a step further and implements programs such as various NGOs that help underserved communities.

The NGOs include The Trauma Care Foundation International, The Volunteer Medical Corps, and The Inner City Mission. These organizations go to lengths for the care of people with severe medical conditions, those who are lacking proper education, and others, such as those with suboptimal living conditions and access to food or shelter.

Technology’s pivotal role in Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s biograhpy

LoveWorld Inc. gives its international congregants access to radio shows, TV broadcasts, online streaming, books, e-books, and podcasts. The Pastor Chris Digital Library is an app in which followers can utilize these resources, and more, to reconnect with their religion, faith, and community.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has proven his influence on the community with modern technology. He allows people to step into a faith-based way of life with accessible tools. In fact, LoveWorldSAT, a TV station under the pastor’s ministry, was the first-ever African Christian station that was televised globally. It was also the first and one of the only broadcasts to host 24/7 content across cable and satellite networks.

The current 13-million-member LoveWorld Inc. congregation is expected to grow. With new access to technology, especially in Africa, people can now explore seemingly limitless opportunities regarding their faith. From Bendel State University to forming LoveWorld Inc., Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s biography tells the story of a man who has used technology as an essential element of reaching the world to spread meaningful lessons in Christianity.

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