GSK: Access to Foreign Exchange Will Boost Business Growth

In common with many companies operating in Nigeria, foreign exchange availability will continue to impact the operations of businesses that rely on foreign exchange, according to the Director, Communication and Government Affairs, GSK Consumer Nigeria Plc, Mr. Omongiade Ehighebolo.  

He said the challenge in accessing currency was affecting the company’s ability to maintain consistent supply of medicines and vaccines in the market. 

“Sustainable patient access to our medicines and vaccines is a priority and we are doing all we can to limit the period of time the market will be out-of-stock on our products.

“We recognise the current availability challenge is causing concern and we regret the disruption to patients and healthcare providers.We are actively engaging with all our stakeholders to find a solution to enable sustainable supply of GSK medicines and vaccines to patients in Nigeria,” Ehighebolo said in a statement.  He therefore urged all patients to seek advice from their healthcare providers and ensure their medicines come from a trusted source.

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