Lucky Igbinedion Joyous at 66

Lucky Igbinedion Joyous at 66

There are many governors and former governors in Nigeria that have high levels of influence beyond their states. Lucky Igbinedion is one such former governor. Although he left the Edo State seat in 2007, the son of Gabriel Igbinedion, Esama of the Kingdom of Benin, continues to be a dominant and charismatic force in the state. Recently, he celebrated his 66th birthday and had Nigerians from all over sending their goodwill.

Clocking 66 is a big deal. For former Governor Igbinedion, the celebrations are not altogether necessary. Although Igbinedion holds this humble view, those around him do not. After all, they understand—just as he does—that reaching the age of 66 and remaining a prominent political figure despite not holding any big office is a thing of pride. But Igbinedion is not designed this way, thus evoking even more praise.

For Nigerians from all over, Igbinedion is not a strange figure. Although he was not widely known when he emerged as Edo State governor in 1999, that changed during the early 2000s. Adding to the fact that he is the son of the Esama and has princely stakes in the state, Igbinedion did quite well for his people.

In truth, Igbinedion is not the only person holding up his fiery name. Back then, his wife, Eki, was known to be a strong advocate against the widespread sex trafficking of women. It is partly due to her and her husband’s efforts that the dastardly practice stopped, inviting light to an otherwise dark situation.

Currently, both Igbinedion and the rest of his family mostly operate off-grid. Even so, people know that they are no less active now than they were when Igbinedion was in power. Therefore, his 66th birthday is worth celebrating many times over.

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