Investing in Atlanta: Is Akwa Ibom Misfiring?

Investing in Atlanta: Is Akwa Ibom Misfiring?

State governments that engage in business investments are not doing anything new. Since this tier of government began operating in Nigeria, it has always represented the will of the people even more perfectly than its federal counterpart. But, has it always succeeded in sorting out business investments? That is the question that people are asking regarding the reported investment plan of the Akwa Ibom government in a real estate project in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America.

The tenure of Governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom is almost complete and the reports of his administration are generally above average. However, such good reports are currently being threatened by the news of the same government deciding to invest in a real estate project in the US. Due to the high risks of loss believed to be involved in the investment, many indigenes of Akwa Ibom are reportedly distressed and wondering exactly what Governor Emmanuel is up to.

Based on investigations, it has been reported that the investment into the Atlanta project was not chiefly the idea of the governor. Instead, he is in a partnership with the Akwa Ibom State Association of Nigeria (AKISAN), the branch in Atlanta. In other words, the people the governor is doing business with in Atlanta are indigenes of Akwa Ibom who are operating as an independent association of Atlanta residents. It is believed that they are trustworthy and the investment is reliable.

Another note for concern is the fact that the project in question is a $10 million project. The governor believes that due to the locational advantages of the project, it will yield significant returns for Akwa Ibom. Since it will be overseen by indigenes of the state, what is there to worry about?

It is a matter of waiting to see how good the fruits of this investment would be. If the fruits are good, Governor Emmanuel will be praised for years to come. If the fruits are bad, the reverse is true.

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