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‘Boosting Entrepreneurs’ Skills ‘ll Boost Economy, Reduce Youth Unemployment’

‘Boosting Entrepreneurs’ Skills ‘ll Boost Economy, Reduce Youth Unemployment’

Ayodeji Ake

The Enterprise Development Centre (EDC) of Pan-Atlantic University (PAU), has reaffirmed its commitment in boosting entrepreneur skills that will impact on the economy and boost job creation.

The Centre started this at its thanksgiving Mass service to celebrate 20 years of EDC existence.

Director, EDC-PAU, Nneka Okekearu said that “it is the 20th anniversary  of EDC of  PAU and over the years, we have been committed to building a network of entrepreneurial leaders through continuous learning, process improvement, and business integrity.”

She noted that EDC in the last 20 years had impacted on more than a million Nigerians lives.

According to her,  EDC starts with a flagship programme called Certificate in Enterprenurship Management, the course is a programme that takes entrepreneurs through all the areas they need to know so they can run better businesses that end up being sustainable.

She explained that the programme, which started in 2003 has 56 set in Lagos and on 30th set in Abuja, saying of all these people that have been on this programme, a lot of entrepreneurs have become industry leaders and are doing things affecting the ecosystem.

She cited example of the founder of Lagos leather fair, Coffee Week, Cocktail Week among others are EDC Alumni, saying that “our Alumni has gone out, building businesses that are employing so many Nigerians and deepen the ecosystem. They are building businesses that have integrity and comply with the regulatory perspective.”

She said: “The centre is having entrepreneurs that want to deepen the ecosystem, forming different platforms whereby they can now groom other Nigerians to set up businesses in boosting the economy. We have entrepreneurs who have come here and grown their businesses from a annual turnover of N1 million, N2 million and within two to three years they are doing double digits annual turnover and more.

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