Dozy Mmobuosi/NPFL Super Cup Teams Adjusted to Eight

Following extensive consultations aimed at ensuring a robust competitive pre-season tournament, The Dozy Mmobuosi Foundation has announced adjustments to the number of participating teams in the 2023 edition of Dozy Mmobuosi/NPFL Pre-season Super Cup.

The Foundation said the decision to trim the numbers was a difficult but very necessary step towards sustaining the tempo of the competition already established during the first edition.

“While we acknowledge and appreciate the passion that may have been fired up in anticipation of the earlier number made public, the decision to adjust the number of participating teams was not taken lightly. 

“We recognise the potential disappointment this might cause. However, our commitment to the highest level of competitive football remains unwavering. We firmly believe that this change will allow for a more concentrated display of skill, intensify competition among the top teams and ultimately enhance the fan experience. Our priority continues to be delivering a thrilling and memorable Super Cup and playing a role in further developing the football infrastructure”, explained Ebuwa Martins Agbonwaneten, the Chief Executive Officer of The Dozy Mmobuosi Foundation.

The tournament sponsor further noted that reducing the number of teams from 12 to 8 would also encourage competition in the regular season as only the very best will make the cut.

 “With a total of 20 teams in the NPFL, having 12 teams in the Super Cup would exceed the halfway mark and potentially impact the overall competitiveness. By allowing only the top 8 teams based on their performance in the preceding NPFL season to participate, we can guarantee that each qualifying team showcases the highest level of skill and performance, thereby elevating the standard of the Super Cup and NPFL”, the statement continued.

“While we understand that some may have concerns about the impact on team qualification and public perception, we want to emphasise that this adjustment will create an environment for more intense matches and deliver an even more thrilling experience for fans and spectators”.

The Dozy Mmobuosi Foundation restated its commitment to upholding the integrity of the Super Cup and maintaining the trust of all stakeholders. 

Ebuwa Martins offered further assurances of the Foundation to delivering an exceptional and unforgettable Super Cup experience to players, fans, and all stakeholders involved.

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