Apologise to Nigerians, Group Tells Chimamanda Adichie

The Centre for Democracy and Human Right Organisation CEDEHUR, a civil society group has urged the award winning author, Chimamanda Adichie to retract and apologise to Nigerians for describing Vice President Yemi Osinbajo as a veracious public officer during her remarks at the launch of the VP’s book titled ‘Osibanjo’s Strides: Defining Moments of an Innovative Leader’ about a week ago.

In a statement signed and made available to newsmen on Wednesday in Lagos, the group through its Executive Director, Mr. Adekunle Thomas noted that, a government which largely explored poverty and unemployment as a weapon for obtaining people’s submission can’t possibly be truthful. 

The group said it didn’t in any way undermine Osinbajo’s integrity as a person, but noted citizens did not fare well under this administration. 

It added that Adichie’s accolade of the VP was mindless of the nation’s mood and her character and role as a national figure, emphasising the fact that the writer knows better. 

Adichie who spoke via zoom had praised Osinbajo, saying “he has always told the truth irrespective of circumstances.”

CEDEHUR said it was shocked to see Adichie praising Osinbajo to high heavens despite public notion of the current administration, adding that, though Adichie was entitled to her opinion, the VP couldn’t be distanced from the government he serves, “hence, such accolade is at best, a misconstrued parlance atypical of such global face.” 

CEDEHUR therefore urged Adichie to reconsider her stance and, in light of public interest, tender unreserved apology to Nigerians.

The statement reads: “CEDEHUR found it funny that Chimamanda Adichie who has advocated for good leadership, transparent government, and responsible leadership that would translate into performance for the masses over the years easily and quickly found a willing ally in a key player such as PYO, in a Government described by the world as untruthful. 

“While we respect the fact that Adichie is entitled to her opinion and association, we considered the recent accolade unNigerian considering the glaring culpabilities of the APC-Buhari-led government. 

“Adichie, an award winning writer and global figure should know better, having stood behind the masses over the years.”

The civil society group while pointing out the various mis-governances of this administration especially, where the Vice president failed to speak to power in the interest of Nigerians described Adichie’s accolade as a ‘slap’ on the face of grieving citizens and urged her to retract and apologise to Nigerians without delay.

The group drew attention to the criticisms the award winning author had been subjected to by Nigerians for reviewing a book on Osibanjo; a member of the Buhari administration she had previously criticised, adding that it shares similar sentiment.

The group added that, every Nigerian sees her presentation during the book launch in a similar vein, hence their public disapproval.

Many who shared the photo frowned at her for attending the visual book launch, and praising the Vice president describing him as “a wonderful person and inspirational leader” during her keynote speech.

Osibanjo’s Strides: Defining Moments of an Innovative Leader is a book written about PYO by group of 25 journalists popularly called “PYO Collective” with its forward note written by the former head of state, Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar (retd).

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