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Council Boss  or Artiste Manager? Bayo Olasoju Should Pick A Hustle 

Council Boss  or Artiste Manager? Bayo Olasoju Should Pick A Hustle 

There are all kinds of people in this world, many of which have desires that the rest of us can relate to. But there are a few whose minds work a little differently and whose ambitions cannot be fathomed by normal people. It is looking like Bayo Olasoju, the Local Government Chairman of Isolo Local Council Development  Area is one such person and this has started to throw a wrench in the works for the people he is supposed to be serving.

When one sees Olasoju, one immediately thinks of the top Fuji musician, K1 de Ultimate. Olasoju is K1’s manager and has been for several years. As a consequence, many people who follow the musician are very familiar with Olasoju as he is as committed to K1 as any normal human being is committed to a benefactor. This is not a problem, except that K1 is not the only person Olasoju should serve.

It is reported with bitterness that Olasoju has remained the manager of K1 de Ultimate despite emerging as the Chairman of Isolo LG. Members of the public have thrown insults at him for this, stating that he has abandoned administrative duties at Isolo to continue to follow after the Fuji musician, thus incurring the wrath of the elders of the local government.

It is one thing to know that your Local Government Chairman is not very competent or present to fulfill his obligations. But it is something else entirely to see said Chairman flitting from pillar to post, managing his benefactor at social events, acting no different now than he did when he was no Chairman.

Some people say that Olasoju’s commitment to K1 is on account of the latter’s role in helping him emerge first as Isolo’s Vice Chairman and then as Chairman. But normal people cannot understand why the Chairman is still K1’s manager and active at his duty place, to the detriment of his role in Isolo.

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