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Again, Real Estate Guru, Sijibomi Ogundele Diversifies 

Again, Real Estate Guru, Sijibomi Ogundele Diversifies 

Are you among those that still doubt Sijibomi Ogundele’s dominant position among the top businessmen in Nigeria? Well, maybe after reading this piece you will assign him his well-deserved status with the honour and respect he rightly deserves among the top tiers in the nation’s entrepreneurship. 

The boss of Sujimoto oftentimes has delivered a resounding slap to the faces of his numerous doubters who insist on remaining blind and deaf to his incontestable greatness. He has numerous, and very soon, may lose track of his achievements.

The brilliant real estate merchant could be forgiven for taking his feet off the pedals if only just a little. But such is not the modus operandi of the man whose sole vision is to rule his world. He has already set bigger targets for himself which he is working harder than ever to achieve.

Society Watch gathered that the intelligent business mogul, having fulfilled his mission in the real estate sector, even while others were reeling and groaning under the yoke of the uncertain business climate, is with sure-footed steps and decisions continuing to grow his Sujimoto Group into a thriving privately-owned conglomerate with diverse business interests in real estate, lottery, agriculture, production and investment, among others.

Interestingly, the man, who is known for his ingenuity, is not done yet as he is still making efforts to register his presence in the hospitality sector.

It was gathered that his passion for hospitality was ignited recently when he was unable to secure a room at his preferred hotel which he has been lodging anytime he flies to Abuja in the past seven years. With this, he realised that no hotel in Abuja actually meets up with the luxury of an international hotel and vowed to bridge this lacuna in a few years with his Sujimoto hotels.

As disclosed, he has promised to build 300 rooms hotels starting from Lagos, Abuja, and Rivers states before spreading it across all the state capitals of the country.

Indeed, Ogundele believes in the popular axiom that ‘A man without a dream, is an empty man.’ As far as dreams go, he has them abundantly.

He also cuts an inspiring portrait of class and peerless entrepreneurship that belongs to that rare breed of men that possess the ability to consistently do more than they say. If he promises you a hill, better be sure you’re getting a mountain.

A man of no mean repute whose achievements can be composed into a platinum album, Ogundele beams with the glow of perpetual investors’ confidence in a clime notorious for its herculean business climate. He perches atop luxury property like a majestic eagle.

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