Bonga: Lead Claimant Debunks Shell’s Claim That It Won Niger Delta Oil Spill Case

Sylvester Idowu in Warri

The lead claimant/Executive Director of Oil Spill victims Vanguard, ( OSPIVV) Harrison Jalla, has debunked media reports that Shell has won the 2011 Oil Spill case against the claimants and people of Niger Delta.

A section of the media had on Wednesday reported that Shell won the celebrated Bonga oil spill case in London.
But the lead Claimant, in a statement, while debunking the claim said Shell only won one leg of the case, maintaining that the substantive matter remains and its ongoing before Justice O’Farrel in the United Kingdom.

Jalla in the statement explained: “We want to state as follows: That the UK Bonga oil spill case in claim No. HT-2017-000383 and HT-2020-000143 is ongoing before Justice O’Farrel OBE, KC in the Business and property courts of England and Wales Queens bench division) Technology and construction court.
“That it is true that one leg of the matter that has to do with continuing tort was appealed to the UK supreme court by the claimants.

“The subject matter of which the claimants are contending is that since Shell did not do any clean-up of the Bonga oil spill of December 20th 2011 that polluted their communities that the damage is accruing and its ongoing until date as long as the crude oil remains on their land.

“But the Supreme court disagreed with the claimants and ruled that the claimants can only be entitled to a one off damage claims within the limitation period of 5-6 years. The substantive matter remains and its ongoing before Justice O’Farrel”, he said.

Jalla stated further that the report was misleading, noting that “the purpose for this rejoinder is to put the record straight. Shell couldn’t have won a case in which they deliberately refused to file a defence since 2017.

“We want to assure our people of Niger Delta that they should disregard such misleading information, be calm and await the final judgement which is imminent.” 

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