Alpha Global Highlights Best Practices in Early Childhood Education

Alpha Global recently hosted its third successful webinar series on early childhood education success with a focus on effective leadership and management.

The webinar featured renowned speakers who are professionals in their field and drew participation from educators and practitioners worldwide.

The Chief Executive Officer of Alpha Childcare and Alpha Chains Limited, Caroline Popoola, shared insights on ‘Leadership in Early Childhood Education’.

Popoola highlighted the significance of leadership in a childcare setting and explained the different qualities a childcare leader should possess, including ethical leadership and the need to create value, be values-driven, and appreciated.

Other facilitators included Dale Hancock, an international coach, speaker, and CEO of Young Life Coaches, who spoke on ‘Maintaining a Supportive Work Culture in a Childcare Setting’, emphasizing the importance of raising and coaching children properly. 

Janice Aylmer, a member of the senior leadership team and a Governor at the Montbelle Primary School in Greenwich, United Kingdom, spoke about ‘Managing Challenging Behaviour in Early Years’, emphasizing the need for a safe, calm, and caring environment for positive behavior management.

The Chief Executive Officer of Parenting Teens Solution, Phinnah Chichi Ikeji, shared valuable insights on ‘Emotional Intelligent Tools for Practitioners in Early Years’, highlighting the importance of educators building their emotional intelligence tank to effectively support the emotional needs of the children in their care.

The webinar also featured a panel session with on the topic ‘Unlocking the Power of Early Childhood Education: Strategies for Success’. The panellists explored practical strategies for creating a strong foundation for children’s learning and development.

The webinar also highlighted the organiser’s commitment to providing innovative solutions, resources, and support to educators and practitioners worldwide.

The organisation commended all the speakers, panelists, and participants for their active engagement and contribution to the success of the webinar.

Alpha Global also announced an upcoming conference on July 8, 2023, in Nigeria, and for the first time, in Ghana. The conference will bring together experts in early childhood education to further explore best practices, exchange ideas, and enhance the quality of early childhood education in Africa and beyond.

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