What I have Achieved so far, Motivates to me to press on in achieving greater heights – Yomidun

It is the era of social media and this has opened a gateway for young people to showcase their talent and creativity to the world. One of the young Nigerians who social media has changed their lives for the better is Raheem Aishat Olabisi popularly known as Yomidun.

At 23 years old, Yomidun as she is fondly known on social media has achieved a lot in a career she started off just playing and posing for the camera.

“I grew up in the rustic city of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. Well, I didn’t plan to go into modeling and influencer marketing. However, when I was little I liked to take pictures and dreamed of modeling for brands. I would post my random ‘pretty-girl’ photos on social media for fun. I noticed that people started to fall in love with my content and personality. That was how I transitioned into modeling and brand influencer marketing.”

Now the little girl from a small town in Ibadan has blossomed into a big influencer with over 600,000 followers and has big brands like Techno Mobile on her list of clientele. Once her photos started getting several attention, Yomidun started getting calls to influence for skincare brands, body enhancement products, hair brands, fashion brands, lifestyle brands, resort homes, gadgets and devices, e-commerce brands, cryptocurrency companies, cosmetics and beauty brands, among others.

“I specialise in social media brand influencing and modelling. I have worked so hard to build my brand as a reputable personality which has attracted big brands like Techno Mobile Nigeria. My contents are unique and I have gotten multiple positive reviews from many brand I have worked with,” she said

Attaining success does not come without its own challenges, but Yomidun says she focuses on the positive reviews when it seems the negative vibes want to outshine the good.

“Being in the public eye comes with a lot of backlash, bullying and negative comments. Sometimes people make false rumours just to bring you down but I always remain consistent in achieving my goals. I only focus on the positive reviews and constructive criticisms to constantly make improvement.”

Sharing what her biggest dream is, she explained that it is to keep growing her career as an influencer. “What I have achieved so far, motivates to me to press on in achieving greater heights,” she said.

To Yomidun, who is often referred to as one of the youngest Nigerian social media influencers, success means doing what one loves and being authentic whilst doing it. She believes that one is successful when they have found that purpose and commit their life to it.

From a young person to millions of other young people hoping to be in Yomidun’s place, she has this advice, “My advice is to be tenacious in building your brand even when people do not give you a chance to achieve your ambitions. Everyone’s dream is valid if you remain consistent. I would also advise people to have a role model, someone they can look up to for guidance for support because the journey to success is not an easy one. For me my role model is my mother. What endears her to me is that she’s so hardworking , strong, and supportive.” she said.

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