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Sandra Solebo Soft Pedals

<strong>Sandra Solebo Soft Pedals</strong>

Who said that life is a difficult stream of hardship after hardship? Who said that one has to develop a hard exterior to face life, gradually growing from the shyness and conservativeness of youth to the pride and arrogance of blind adulthood? Whoever said these things was unable to get to the wife of Femi Solebo, Sandra. After all these years, she has maintained her original heart, unblemished and unstained from the monster-making chores of high society.

Say what you will about the limelight, the truth is that it can gradually blind an individual to the failings of their character and personality. Why else would they want to remain where only the colourful light touches them? But this is not the case for Sandra. Since she was introduced into high society as a true flower girl, a beauty without comparison, and one of the elegant Edozien sisters, she has remained herself.

One must celebrate Sandra’s resolution to be different. Many charming women like her have attempted to maintain a low profile and distance themselves from the fussy waves of society life. But she refused, preferring to be the beautiful wife of Solebo and the brains behind Homeshop. Even now that she could swagger into the limelight once again and steal the eyes and hearts of the people with her unchanging beauty, her heart is not in it.

Indeed, it is said that people born with a silver spoon will find it difficult to live ordinary lives. Maybe this is also true for Sandra. After all, the norm for someone of her calibre is a life lived in flashing colours, running from scandal to scandal. But not so for her. She is the simple embodiment of grace, leading a life that others can be inspired by. Such soft pedals, this is the way of Sandra Solebo.

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