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Dejare Adegbenro at 50

Dejare Adegbenro <strong>at 50</strong>

Fairness is not a myth. For those that have patient eyes and would observe the waves of life in this world, it is clear that the times are a good fit for the people. This is why high-profile individuals like notable businessman Dejare Adegbenro are doing so well. Having sown good seeds ahead of time, it is only reasonable that they benefit from the harvest. Adegbenro’s happy celebration of his 50th birthday derives from this understanding.

Seeing the man reach new heights in life has undoubtedly inspired new people to lead better lives, take note of other people, and give as much support as they can. But Adegbenro’s secret to acclaim is not a big secret at all: he simply uses his head as much as he uses his mind, enabling him to compete in influence and philanthropy with his peers from the other end of the world.

Whether it is in the area of business or politics, Adegbenro who is the Otunba Laje of Owu Kingdom in Ogun State has made it clear that having a true understanding of life helps the individual see beyond their nose. As a result, he is a man of few words and many actions. Unsurprisingly, the same can be said about his foundation, the Otunba Adejare Adegbenro Foundation (OAAF), which is unreserved in its doings, especially in the area of lifting the helpless.

Granted, many of Adegbenro’s views in recent times have offended a lot of people, so much so that they considered him an ethnic bigot. But what a person like Adegbenro sees while sitting would trump his detractors 10 times out of 10. So their brief discontent with him is understandable.

Even so, at 50, Adegbenro continues to march deeper into greatness.

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