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Quality of Nigerian Music Has Improved Substantially, Says Mac Roc

Quality of Nigerian Music Has Improved Substantially, Says Mac Roc

Olawale Ajimotokan in Abuja

Music producer and talent developer, Efeoghene Macdonald has said that the musical industry in Nigeria has grown in the last 10 years across all strata including production, promotion and streaming. He made this assessment known recently.

The producer, known by the sobriquet, Efe Mac Roc, said the industry has changed with independent artistes now sourcing for funds and sponsorship while the quality of music and production has also been substantially impacted.

“There have been a lot of growth and improvements. As of 2013 lot of singers did not have the courage and mind to do things on their own. They just felt they should be on a label and do record deals, but now you have independent artistes sourcing for funds and sponsorships. The quality of music has changed, and production has grown. Social Media has also helped to discover a whole lot of artistes.  If not for social media, you probably won’t know a lot of artistes. Even comedians and content creators won’t have been discovered. The internet has also helped in making the transition so smooth. So far, so good the quality of music has changed, show promotion has changed, streaming has changed and a whole lot of things have changed for the better in the last 10 years,” Mac Roc said.

Mac Roc has been into music production since 2018 in between veering into the acting and talent development sphere of the entertainment industry where he goes to the villages to unearth talents the world has not heard of.

Roughly 150 talents have been discovered from searches held in 10 states.

He has also supported them by giving them a platform on Mac Roc session, a global platform where good singers can come and showcase their talent by singing other peoples’ songs.

His search for talent has taken him to Imo, Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Edo, FCT, Lagos, Delta, Benue and Kaduna States.

“We were thinking of Cross River towards the end of last year. Kaduna was really big some years ago. We did Space 2,000 at Barnawa and the hall was filled up with a lot of talent coming out.  We educated them on how to create content. Because right now it is not about having the talent anymore, there are other things you need to do like trying to put out yourself outside and knowing how to use social media tools to boost yourself. Basically, what we are just teaching is not about going to the studio now but how to be strategic as a musician,” Mac Roc said.

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