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Governor Adeleke Says Osun​ Educational Summit Underway

Governor Adeleke Says Osun​ Educational Summit Underway

Yinka Kolawole in Osogbo

Determined to change educational directions in Osun, Governor Ademola Adeleke announced that he​ would soon convene an educational summit where all stakeholders will brainstorm to reposition the worst system in the state.

Adeleke stated this at the presentation of instructional materials to secondary school students in Osun and said the​ summit would enable him to submit the Imole Education Agenda to fast-track the implementation process.​

He stressed that he aims to ensure an education system in tune with the demands of the 21st century, saying, “Our students stand for the future of the state. How we treat them will tell us what our society will look like tomorrow.”

​The governor added that “the state of education in Osun State indeed demands urgent attention” from the government, pointing out that infrastructure is in bad condition “from primary to secondary schools.”​

He stated that the worst side is the previous administration’s bad educational policy and lack of political will, stressing that Osun “is placed 34th or so on the national examination rating index.”

He promised that his administration would change the situation for the better.​

“To that end, we have​ a comprehensive education sector reform agenda. We will soon hold an educational summit where all stakeholders will brainstorm,” the Osun governor explained. The summit will enable me to submit the Imole Education Agenda with a view to fast-track the implementation process. Our aim is to ensure an education​ system is in​ tune with the demands of the 21st century.”

Specifically, Adeleke said his administration is resolved to improve the learning environment, empower the teachers and provide learning aids.

“I have a very ambitious target for this sector. The ultimate goal is to improve the educational rating of Osun from the present 34th position to between first to 10th position.”

​He lamented that books and other materials are becoming unaffordable for most parents.​

“I will today share hundreds of instructional materials to aid learning in our secondary schools,” Adeleke stated at the summit.

The governor noted that part of the reason for failure at national examinations is a lack of familiarity with computer systems, as​ most students cannot use computers until a few days before their examinations.​

He directed the state’s education ministry to clean up and reopen the nine computer centres in selected schools across the nine federal constituencies.

He called on the ministries of education and science to study the possibility of introducing tablets at the senior secondary school level, saying that it would address the increasing cost of book purchases and enhance the state’s readiness for e-learning.

The governor also directed the ministries to look into best practices and engage TLG, a local company in which the government is a shareholder, on the subject matter.

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