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WallX Africa Maximising Fintech to Improve Cashless Policy, Enhance Businesses in Nigeria  Africa

WallX Africa Maximising Fintech to Improve Cashless Policy, Enhance Businesses in Nigeria  Africa

Fadekemi Ajakaiye 

WallX Africa has said it is bringing to the fore an expansive approach towards maximising fintech to improve businesses in Nigeria and Africa, especially as it pertains to supporting the execution of seamless cashless policy, and elimination of financial transaction errors that unsettle businesses and stunt their development. 

According to a statement by the compant. “With varying features, they have provided a solution that is not only easily navigated by both end users – business owners and customers – but have also built a market-point platform that aids the sustainability of the businesses of all their users.”

In an exclusive interview, the Co-founder of WallX, Mr. Richmond Ogigai, spoke on the company’s standpoint, He explained, “Different fintech companies not just in Nigeria but also across Africa have done well to introduce solutions that help to save, invest, trade, and make seamless card payments across board and all that. However, what WallX is doing differently is to meet the need of people and businesses from the grassroots upward. Given the inadequacy of cash because of the redesign of the Naira, it is clear to see the challenges that local businesses and individuals are facing in Nigeria. With WallX, trade, and payment become easier with fast and secure transactions to merchants, businesses, individuals, and even large corporates.”

WallX eliminates the issue of fake transfers, ridiculous card payment charges (POS), error in bank transfers, stolen bank/card details on fake POS terminals and delay in bank alerts. It embraces cashless and cardless payment, gives instant alerts, which can be sent to multiple people in a business hierarchy, and support sales and marketing processes for the business of their users. With the generation of a single WallX payment code, one can carry-out multiple transactions to businesses, merchants and individuals that are within and outside the WallX platform. Ogigai further explained.

Signing up on WallX is FREE either on our merchant web portal or mobile app available on android & IOS stores for individuals. Nonetheless, all users (and businesses) are thoroughly verified to secure the platform from fraudulent users and transactions. Additional values WallX adds to your business includes the generation of customized payment invoices for you to send to your customers, secured peer to peer payment between merchants, marketing tools for user business awareness, generation of sales and business performance reports, and instant payment to your commercial bank account attached to your account upon withdrawal. WallX helps with better business management which can be done on the dashboard and in turn, improves overall business performance.

WallX has built a secure, easy and reliable digital infrastructure through leveraging on reputable and licensed Banking as a Service Providers within the financial services sector to provide seamless payments and transactions at a time like this.

The Company’s vision is to be an operating system for African businesses and individuals through providing simple, smart, and secure business & digital payment tools of the future.

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