Lagos Guber: Why Sanwo-Olu Deserves to be Re-elected 

If there is any governorship candidate in the whole federation that is supposed to win the March 18 election with ease, it is the governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

Sanwo-Olu has, without any iota of doubt, brought great transformation to the state since his emergence in 2019.

He came with the vision of changing the face of the state, focusing on traffic management and transportation, health and environment, education and technology, making Lagos a 21st-Century economy, entertainment and tourism as well as security and governance.

Under the watch of Sanwo-Olu, the state has witnessed tremendous growth and development.

At the peak of one of the ever greatest world health crises, COVID-19 which caused death,   Sanwo-Olu provided great leadership when the state became the epicentre of the pandemic.

In the area of road construction, the governor ensured that quality roads, that will stand the test of time, were constructed. Sanwo-Olu is being felt in all parts of Lagos State.

The transportation sector was not left behind. He opened the waterways under the state intermodal transport systems and acquired additional modern ferries into the fleets of LAGFERRY for seamless commuting across the megacity.

The Lagos State Governor has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he is the best man for the job. This administration has a lot of ongoing projects that will make Lagos State one of the richest states in the world and his re-election is the only way the success of the projects will not be scuttled.

On the other hand, I appeal to all non-indigenes, especially the Igbos, to vote for Babajide Sanwo-Olu, for continuity. One good turn, they say, deserves another.

When someone does a favour for you, you should do a favour for him in repayment; kindness should be rewarded with kindness.

– Dr lshmeal Emeka Udenka,
CEO of Lucky Garden Property Investment Ltd,
writes from Lagos.

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