Microsoft Garage Trains C&F Porter Novelli Staff on Innovation

Emma Okonji

Microsoft’s innovation hub, known as ‘The Garage’ has held an innovation and business intelligence training workshop for staff of C&F Porter Novelli, Nigeria’s premier reputation capital company.

The Garage, which harks back to the company’s founding in 1975 in the Gates’ family garage, in Albuquerque, USA, enables Microsoft employees to develop ideas and products for the marketplace.

Speaking at the session, Managing Director of C&F Porter Novelli, Tony Ajero, thanked Microsoft’s Principal Programme Manager, Soromfe Uzomah, for the opportunity to interact with The Garage and share insights on global best practices in business solutions.

Ajero said: “C&F Porter Novelli is a trusted business advisor and leader in strategic communications and we are always on the lookout for business opportunities that will be beneficial to our brand and our clients. The knowledge-sharing session has not only enlightened us on spotting these opportunities but also ‘riding the waves’ of opportunities and doing things out of the ordinary.”

Microsoft Garage Principal Programme Manager, Soromfe Uzomah, explained that The Garage would continue to thrive as a programme that drives Microsoft’s culture of innovation to deliver programmes and experiences to our employees, customers, and ecosystem that drive collaboration, creativity, and experimentation.

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