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AFMPN’s new President, Erubami Sets Agenda

AFMPN’s new President, Erubami Sets Agenda

Fadekemi Ajakaiye

The new President of the Association of Facility Management Practitioners, Nigeria, Paul O. Erubami has said they would embark on advocacy to present the benefits of facility management in the nation’s economic development.

Erubami stated this at the second inauguration ceremony of the association at the main hall of the Environmental Faculty, University of Lagos, recently.

He said, “Advocacy is also a critical aspect of our organisation’s mission. We must work to raise awareness of the value of facility management and its contribution to the success of organisations and governments. 

“We will engage with government agencies, industry partners, and other stakeholders to promote the importance of facility management and to advocate for policies and initiatives that support our profession.”

Erubami also listed the association’s “12-point agenda” to include: “Transparency and accountability in budgeting and assets and resources management by promptly sharing information on our annual budgets and financial statements with members.

“Encourage investment in the future of the profession by engaging with soon to be engaged Corporate Sustaining Partners in acquiring physical structures and intellectual assets for the growth of the Association and the FM profession.

“Drive donor and internal membership funding by raising adequate funds to run operations and investments in our strategic programmes.

“Elevate the profile of the FM profession in Nigeria through international and national affiliations. external and internal communication campaigns and engagement at all levels.

“Influence government policies through advocacy visits and outreaches, publications and strategic partnerships with other industry stakeholders. Institutionalisation of Facilities Management by developing national FM standards and industry governance whitepapers, good practice guides, etc.

“Increase membership participation by adding new members with a goal of growing our membership base to 5,000 members in good financial status, who attend meetings, and take part in events regularly. Conduct surveys and research and publish reports to members and other stakeholders. Professional membership classification into Student Member, Affiliate Member and Registered Member

“Academic and professional collaboration with institutions working in the built environment to research and espouse innovative solutions to the challenges of the built environment.

“FM credentials Framework by issuing a Nigerian FM Credential backed by Continuing Professional Development maintenance points.”

Erubami also said they would “endorse and partner training institutions. Our NEC has already hit the ground running and has come up with action plans to actualise the above strategic focus areas. In the coming days, you will be invited to sessions where our plans will be unveiled, and we invite you to take positions in the various committees to work with the three Directorates in actualising these action plans.

“With the above stated agenda, we hope that our membership value proposition will be greatly enhanced as everyone will be able to among others, enjoy the following benefits

“Access to professional development opportunities, including training and certification programmes. Opportunities to network with other facility management professionals. Access to industry research, best practices, and other resources.

“Participate in advocacy for policies and regulations that support the growth and development of the profession. Opportunities to enhance credibility and reputation through membership in a professional body. Opportunities for recognition and awards. Access to job boards and other career development resources. Opportunities to take part in volunteerism and community engagement programs. Opportunities to attend events, conferences, and other gatherings to connect with peers and learn from experts.

“Access to publications and other industry-specific information. Opportunities to contribute to the development of the profession through involvement in committees, task forces, and other working groups. Access to mentorship and coaching programmes.

“Opportunities to take part in benchmarking and performance measurement initiatives. Access to tools and resources for facility management professionals, such as software platforms and technology solutions. Opportunities to collaborate with other organizations, such as trade associations and industry groups. Opportunities to connect with suppliers and vendors of facility management products and services.”

He said there would also be access to continuing education and lifelong learning opportunities. Opportunities to share knowledge and best practices with peers. Access to a community of like-minded professionals who share a commitment to excellence in facility management. Opportunities to contribute to the advancement of the facility management profession through research, advocacy, and other activities.

“As we embark on this new journey together, I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. I believe that we have the talent, the passion, and the commitment to take our professional body to new heights, and I am honored to be a part of this journey with you,” Erubami said.

Earlier, he gave a rundown of the history of the Facility Management Professional Association in Nigeria.

1995-Creation of IFMA Nigeria Chapter

2008- Creation of IFMA Abuja Chapter

2013-First Nigerian IFMA Board Member- Collins Osayamwen

2013- Creation of Institute of Global Facility Management

2014- First Nigerian IFMA Qualified Instructor for FMP, SFP, CFM and FMLS – Paul O. Erubami

Before 2015- Several disparate efforts by IFMA and IGFM to obtain a charter for FM in Nigeria

2015- Several Meetings of FM Leaders to discuss united effort to create a national association

2015- Engagements with SAFMA and Global FM for support

2016- Creation of BIFM Nigeria Chapter, now IWFM

2016- Nigerian participants in the 1st ever FM ISO Standards- Olumide Aina, Engr. Felix, MKO Balogun, Collins Osayamwen

2016-First Nigerian IFMA Fellow- Stephen Jagun

2017- Renewed efforts culminating in two large industry gatherings in Lagos in March and Abuja in May under the Nigeria FM Initiative

2017- United efforts to sponsor the FM Council Bill currently before the National Assembly

2017- Registration of the Association of Facility Management Practitioners, Nigeria (AFMPN) with Stephen Jagun as Chairman, Paul Erubami as Secretary and members made up of Collins Osayamwen, Senator Abubakar Ahmad, Tony Ezeaku, MKO Balogun and Tunji Okesola

2020- Constitution of AFMPN and election of first National Executive Council with Collins Osayamwen as President and Paul Erubami as Deputy with other members Olumide Aina, Tokunbo Lawal and Timothy Adeyemi as Directors

2021- Creation of Africa FM with notable drivers from Nigeria, and first Africa FM Annual Conference hosted by AFMPN in Abuja, Nigeria

2023- inauguration of the 2nd National Executive Council of AFMPN led by Paul Erubami as President with Olumide Aina as Deputy with Zainab Saleh and Adedotun Ifeoluwadayo as Directors with Jumoke Akure as Regional Vice President, West.

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