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Onwubuariri: Electronic Call-up System Has Reduced Cost of Moving Cargo by 65%

Onwubuariri: Electronic Call-up System Has Reduced Cost of Moving Cargo by 65%

Oluchi Chibuzor

As stakeholders continue to enjoy ease of doing business as a result of the electronic call-up system within the Lagos port, the Managing Director, Trucks Transit Parks (TTP), Mr Jama Onwubuariri, has said that the innovation has led to the reduction of cost of moving cargo by 65 per cent.

He said the success is attributable to their proprietary software ‘Eto’ which in two years has helped in solving traffic management issues having processed over 1,165,000 port and non-port- bound trucks via their traffic management system.

Speaking at a press conference to Mark TTP’s two years of existence, Onwubuariri said with the software they have been able to solve the complex problems of congestion within the port environment.

Answering questions on the recent call to allow more operators to come into the industry, he affirmed that TTP have made a profound impact on the logistics and transportation industry, delivering innovative solutions that streamline the cargo movement process, reduce congestion, and improve the overall efficiency of port operations.

According to him, “We understand that those that are calling for more players are those that are asking us to compromise the system and we are not ready to yield to their terms. So we know them and we would continue to negotiate with every stakeholder to see the overall advantage for the economy.”

He continued: “TTP’s flagship product, Eto, has successfully reduced traffic around the port corridors, resulting in a significant improvement in the average turnaround time for port-bound trucks from an average of two weeks to just three days. The company’s technology has also contributed significantly to a massive reduction in the cost of moving cargo by 65 percent, providing significant cost savings to businesses and improving the competitiveness of the Nigerian economy. It has also in this period, digitally managed the movement of over 1,165,000 port and non-port-bound trucks.

“Our commitment to delivering innovative solutions has allowed us to revolutionize the way that cargo is transported in and out of Lagos ports, and we are confident that our continued growth and success will bring even greater benefits to the industry in the years to come.”

Meanwhile, the Head of Corporate Development, TTP, Mr. Richard Emenim, noted that despite all the successes recorded with the call-up system some transporters are trying to circumvent the process.

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