Cisco, Arravo Harp on Digital Transformation for Businesses

Emma Okonji

Cisco, a network technology solution provider and its partner, Arravo, have stressed the need for small and large scale businesses to optimise their application experiences with Cisco’s ‘Full-Stack Obsevability’ solution that would enhance accelerated digital transformation.

At a one day workshop organised for businesses, which held in Lagos last week,  the Country Director for Cisco Nigeria, Mr. Sebastine Nzeadibe, said as a pioneer technology company, Cisco would continue to build network infrastructure for large enterprise and small businesses like Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that would enable them attain the full value of digital transformation.   

Nzeadibe said the Cisco Full-Stack Observability Solution was developed to identify challenges that could lead to downtime in business.

According to him, once the challenge is identified by the solution, it will be quickly fixed before any escalation.

“The Cisco ‘Full-Stack Observability’ solution is an end-to-end solution that creates visibility to identify any threat in the system, especially in large scale network infrastructure with several networks like software application, hardware application, and the user interface, in order to solve immediate challenges. The solution is part of the solutions that are driving digital transformation

“An unidentified challenge in a large scale network infrastructure can bring down the entire operations, but the Cisco Full-Stack solution helps to create that visibility that will enable network engineers to identify any challenge and fix it before it degenerates. It could take several hours and days and even weeks to troubleshoot and identify a challenge after it has caused serious downtime for the organization, but with the Cisco Full-Stack solution, the challenge is identified at its formative stage and fixed immediately before it could degenerate to cause downtime for the organisation. It helps organisations to take proactive action and avoid even one minute downtime of operations,” Nzeadibe said.  

Speaking on digital transformation in businesses, the Channel Transformation Engineer at Cisco SSA, Luci Mbugua, said Cisco would remain at the forefront in driving digital transformation, through its technology solutions that support businesses.  Addressing the Cisco Full-Stack Observability solution and the use cases, she said the solution would address security and vulnerability challenges in organisations. 

The CEO of Arravo, Mr. Ayo Adegboye, said: “Cisco is investing in digital transformation that will help businesses to grow with Cisco solutions like the Cisco Full-Stack Observability solution that helps organisations that run multiple applications to understand the application that is running optimally and the one that is not, The solution helps businesses to identify challenges and fix such challenges early enough before they affect the operations of the business.”

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