It is with a lot of sadness I write but sadness has become a daily feature in our great country. The increasing failures in security is bewildering to say the least – I must add it is a state of anomie.

Over 11 years ago, at another brazen attack, Father Achi was the consoler-in-chief, he had to explain to his congregation how to constantly love a country that has failed them and forgive their attackers.

Father Achi has become a metaphor for the brazen failure in our leadership system in Nigeria. His only offence was that he was a Nigerian and a priest which should not be a bad thing, but the inability to fight a war decisively against gunmen that fight deliberately to destroy the soul of our nation will continue to lead to the death of many people.

Another great Priest, Bishop Matthew Kukah, in his Christmas sermons berated the government’s inability to end insecurity and he was abused and on many occasions threatened. Sometimes, I wonder if those that attack the Bishop even know about the deaths and wanton destruction of lives or they choose to ignore them.

As we go to the ballot in about 30 days, we must not forget that the leaders we elect will determine whether there is an end to insecurity or the madness and killings will continue. We must elect capable and competent leaders. I am sure our tribe and religious sentiments that have blinded our conscience should be clear by now due to the failures of the past. I hope Nigerians are ready to learn that insecurity and corruption are tribe or religion agnostic.

We cannot have a nation where the best of us continue to die in terrible circumstances. For effect Father Achi was burnt to ashes and we all look like nothing happened. He was a priest saving lives and was killed in that manner by gunmen that the state hadn’t arrested. We are gradually losing our humanity and need I say – we have lost it.

It’s time to end these needless killings but we can only do that with good leadership in every facet of our human life. I beg you as you vote, kindly remember Father Achi and others killed. May his Soul find rest.

Rufai Oseni,

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