Dream Alive Talent Show Set to Hold It’s 2023 Edition

After discovering and promoting Rema and Alpha P, DreamALIVE Talent hunt is committed to create a unique platform in activating the overall entertainment prowess of the youths spanning virtually all segments like music, movie, comedy, dancing, instrumentalism, folklore and other forms of entertainment. This is borne out of our passion in seeing the hidden talents of young Nigerians fished out, harnessed and promoted to the highest peak of their individually chosen fields.

Thousands of contestants are expected to participate at the hunt show which will go a long way in attracting and generating massive interest in the average young Nigerian’s artistic talents that could be harnessed towards improving the economic stability of the country and in order words showcasing their jaw-dropping skills which are yet to be tapped into. Kudos should be given to MC Pikolo and his team for this selfless and unalloyed commitment towards further upliftment and upgrading of the country’s entertainment and entrepreneurship sectors. There have been several talent hunt shows organized in Nigeria like Project fame, Nigerian Idol, Nigeria got talent, Ultimate Search, X-factor, Titans, Next movie star, AMBO, Dance 234 among others, but DreamAlive Talent Hunt show remain mother of all talent hunt shows not only in Nigeria but in the Diaspora.

Speaking about how the activities of this year’s edition would go MC Pikolo, the inspiration the show shared that, “This year’s edition goes beyond talent hunting as the organizers have included empowerm programmes for winners of the event. This is added to further encourage them and financially boost their entertainment careers at DreamAlive Talent Hunt show, we are sincerely passionate about our youngsters’ artistic development, committed to their becoming admirable and award-winning entertainers/ entrepreneurs and giving them an avenue of becoming the greatest in their chosen artistic careers.”

“The show promises to be exciting, interesting and fascinating. The organisers promise to live up to their billing in lowering the high stake that hitherto existed in talent hunts, and providing a platform where the talents of youth in the country can be discovered in the movie, music and other areas in the entertainment industry, while still encouraging them in their academic pursuits.“

Counting on the past success of the show, organizers of DreamAlive Talent Hunt are set to tour all 36 states of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This is put together in order to harness the untapped naturi talents hidden in all nooks and crannies of the country. However, organizers of this year’s show are taking a different dimension, introducing more interesting angles to the show.

Delving away from the norm, the 2023 DreamAlive Talent Hunt show tends to passionately contribute it’s quota to improving the lives of Nigeria’s younger generation and upgrading their financial status in addition to shielding them away from numerous social vices currently threatening the peaceful existence of the nation.

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