Love Story ‘Danfo and The Rose’ Gets on Set

Ferdinand Ekechukwu

Author, producer Laju Iren has commenced shoot of his new movie ‘Danfo and the Rose’. The filmmaker announced that she’s excited with the principal photography and that she and her team are convinced without a doubt that she’s making a film everyone would love. Adding that, it’s an incredible story, told by the most talented cast and crew who have worked and continue to work diligently to give this film the excellence it deserves.

The movie which is from the stable of her Laju Iren Films, has Sam Dede, Sunshine Rosman, Amanda Dara, Akah Nnani, Adunni Ade, Seun Ajayi, Olu “SLK” Salako, and Michael Dappa as just some of the big names among the cast of the feature film. Irene shared some behind the scene footages which also confirmed most of the cast members on set.

‘Danfo and The Rose’ is a young adult love story about a young woman’s effort to follow her dreams against the backdrop of a fresh canvas of street life in Lagos, while covering a wide range of social impact themes as child welfare, children’s education, drug abuse and the family unit.

The film will be co-directed by the award-winning Michael ‘AMA Psalmist’ Akinrogunde, who directed Iren’s last feature, ‘Loving Amanda’, which went ahead to top the charts after its release on Amazon’s Prime Video when the platform launched in Nigeria last year.

Said Akinrogunde: ‘’I have a personal bias for the story of Danfo and The Rose, it truly is one of the most exciting scripts I’ve read in my career. More so, I’m looking forward to be working yet again with Laju Iren Films to creatively execute such a brilliant vision.”

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