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Molt’N Makes Waves with New EP

Molt’N Makes Waves with New EP

Ferdinand Ekechukwu

As a budding artiste in a genre that is often dominated by men, Molt’N has faced her fair share of challenges and obstacles as she continues to break the barriers with the success of her recent Expended Play (EP), ‘The Outset’. But with hard work, dedication, and a unique style all her own, she has managed to carve out a place for herself in the rap scene and establish a devoted fan base while calling on more female artists to embrace the rap genre.

Molt’N, whose name is derived from the word “molten” and represents her ability to adapt and adjust to any shape or structure she is placed in, is more than just a rapper.  As a singer and songwriter with a diverse range of musical skills and an alter ego that represents her multifaceted abilities, Molt’N’s talent for crafting memorable, profound lyrics filled with rhymes and rhythms is evident in her recent EP, ‘The Outset’, which has garnered over 200k streams across platforms and earned her a dedicated fan base. 

The lovely thing about Molt’N’s EP ‘The OutSet’ is how conscious the rap songs are, as every song has something to which someone can relate.  According to her, “This is a testament to Molt’N’s ability to connect with her listeners and deliver powerful, relatable messages through her music. This EP is one for the history books. I expect more female rappers to come into the industry because is time for us to take the stage.”

In addition to the release of her EP, Molt’N has also had the opportunity to showcase her talent in a live studio performance, an experience she describes as “unforgettable and surreal.” She also said, “Performing live allows me to connect with my audience on a deeper level and share my music in a way that is raw and authentic. Despite the challenges and obstacles that come with being a female rapper, Molt’N has persevered and proven herself as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. 

She credits her success to her strong support system, which includes her family, collaborating partners, and fans. “My mother and sisters were heavily involved in the creation of ‘The Outset’, and I equally worked with Lamp 360 Limited to produce the EP and Prime88 Concepts on music distribution. Molt’N is grateful for the support she has received from those around her and is excited to continue making waves in the music industry.  With her talent, drive, and determination, there is no doubt that Molt’N will continue to leave a lasting impact on the rap scene and beyond.

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