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New Book Teaches Benefits of Adversity Quotient for Entrepreneurs

New Book Teaches Benefits of Adversity Quotient for Entrepreneurs

Oluchi Chibuzor

A book titled ‘Dear Entrepreneur’ has advised​  entrepreneurs to improve their adversity quotient if their businesses must succeed and ultimately boost the country’s economy.

The book said that entrepreneurs embrace their mistakes in this era where so many businesses are facing tough choices and challenges.
Speaking at the book launch in Lagos, the author, Adeolu Akinyemi urged business owners to upgrade their adversity quotient.​

He said they must understand that problems are natural, “if they do not come as recession, they can come as pandemic, and they can be unique issues. What I will say to affected business owners is, do not quit, do not stop, keep on, and stay resilient. You can only win if you are still in the game when the seasons change.”

He explained that the book is a compendium of his failure stories designed in a way that it teaches and instructs people coming after on where to navigate and how to navigate.

“It’s a case study in adversity. It is a manual for developing the competency to rise through adversity.”
He stressed the need for the society to support struggling business owners.

“An increase in entrepreneurial activity has a significant decrease in poverty levels. The greatest contribution a country can make to its prosperity is to encourage entrepreneurial venturing.”
The senior pastor of the Citadel Global Community Church, Lagos, Tunde Bakare, said the book teaches everyone to understand the need of patience in everything.

The book reviewer, Dr. Patrick Utomi said in ‘Dear Entrepreneur’, Akinyemi speaks to upgrading the adversity quotient of every business owner.
He said, “How do you respond when you have put years of hard work, deploying resources to build a brand that it takes and also ran a product to iconic status and the partner gets greedy as he smells big income? That happens quite often. This is why legal agreements and negotiation skills are important for venturing.

“But sometimes you need something extra. It is in the domain of that something extra that Adeolu Akinyemi delves to find the renewal and will that drives the ascendancy of what is later celebrated as the triumph of the human spirit when success flows from failure.”

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