Firm Restates Commitment to Patients, Caregivers Engagement

Ayodeji Ake

Pfizer, an American Pharmaceutical company, during its global week-long event which highlighted patient-centricity efforts, restated its commitment to patients and caregivers engagement and advocacy. 

Pfizer’s second annual global event, Patients in Focus, is to recognise the influence patients have on every facet of their work.

This year’s theme, “With Patients. For Patients.”, signifies a renewal of Pfizer’s ongoing commitment to serving patients.

While this event is week-long, Pfizer’s commitment to patients is year-round and central to the work Pfizer does every day.

Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Sally Susm said:“Pfizer needs to understand the importance of engaging patients, caregivers, and advocates in our work. 

“By showcasing real patient experiences and where we have made an impact on patients’ lives, Patients in Focus week will continue to build empathy and show colleagues how to focus on patient advocacy year-round and in everything we do.

“In West Africa, we’re demonstrating our commitment to patients through an interactive panel discussion with the Country Manager and patient advocates in Oncology, Rare Diseases and Immunization to discuss‘Promoting Health Equity As a Patient Advocate’. 

“Patient Advocates spoke about the impact of their interventions to patients. Patient
Advocates will emphasize the importance of including patients’ perspective in all facets of Pfizer’s work, and the impact of partnerships.”

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