Atlantic Hall School Principal Restates Zero Tolerance for Bullying​

The newly-appointed principal of Atlantic Hall School, Epe, Lagos, Dr Terry Howard, has said the school does not tolerate bullying, stressing that strong measures are in place to check it.

With its zero tolerance for bullying, effective anti-bullying campaign and sensitisation, Howard said students were enlightened on the implications.

According to him, research has shown that students learn better when they feel safe and secure in their educational environment.

“All teachers need to know what should be done to keep their students safe. Atlantic Hall is no different in this. The school’s Board of Trustees has devised policies and procedures related to safety and security and our school campus is as safe as possible. The school has not had any security issues that I am aware of,” he said.

According to him, the school’s robust vocational training gives many students the practical experience to build their skill sets and make them more marketable when they leave secondary school. He also said students of the school are well supervised and trained.

On virtual learning, Howard underscored the importance of e-learning, adding that most schools deploy hybrid learning mode. He noted that online learning opportunities in the school make it possible for students to learn anywhere.

Howard vowed to deploy his wealth of experience to help the school reach enviable heights and ensure students can reach their potential in all aspects, noting that annual international trips for students make them exposed.

“We have got great extra-curricular programmes. Students are allowed to take ownership of their own extra-curricular activities and interest,” the principal explained. “Options include various clubs and activities that expand their knowledge base in many ways outside the classroom. Sporting options are plentiful to build their athletic skills.”

On other opportunities for students, Howard said, “Atlantic Hall provides the IGCSE programme for students to take courses and external exams related to that. We also have the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), a Canadian-based programme students can tap into for additional advanced learning opportunities.”

He added, “Parents who want their wards to go to university in Canada can register for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) programme. This makes them official students within the Canadian system and their entry into Canada much easier.”

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