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Meet the Ijimakindes in ‘Covenant’, TV’s New Beloved Family 

Meet the Ijimakindes in ‘Covenant’, TV’s New Beloved Family 

Vanessa Obioha

Hate them or like them, the Ijimakindes in Africa Magic’s new TV series ‘Covenant’ is a delight to watch. Executive-produced by prolific filmmaker Femi Odugbemi who recently became a member of the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, ‘Covenant’ is a political drama that centres on the Ijimakindes, a powerful and dangerous family with complicated relationships. 

The patriarch of the family is Kane Ijimakinde (Antar Laniyan), fondly called MKI. The series started with him as the sitting governor of Lagos State. MKI is roguish and selfish but wears a perfect veneer of genteelness. Driven by his political ambitions, he is ruthless in clearing out obstacles blocking his dreams including planning a car accident that left his wife, Jane (Clarion Chukwura)  paralysed, simply because she opted to run for the senate rather than support his presidential aspiration. This eventually cost him the governorship seat which he ceded to his deputy Gboyega James Gbadamosi (Funsho Adeolu). The power tussle between the couple is likely to cause collateral damage given that there is no love lost between them. They live a perfect life in front of the camera but behind closed doors are toxic. 

The couple is blessed with two sons, Kane Ijimakinde Jr.,(Preach Bassey) and AK (David Eyi). The former lives in the slum Orita Meta and his family background is known to only a few. He goes by the appellation Uncle J and helps to keep youths away from the streets through his carpentry workshop. But Uncle J has enemies lurking behind him and is always facing one dilemma or the other. His love interest is Talia (Gbubemi Ejeye), an ambitious lady who is pimped by her guardian to Were Wanle (Toyin Oshinaike), the leader of the Road Transport Workers. Though their relationship is still budding, the couple will have to fight their inner demons as well as other characters planning their downfall. 

For a long time, AK believed his brother was dead until a chance meeting. Always striving to live up to his father’s expectations, AK, like his father, is ruthless and impulsive. He is married to Maria (Susan Festus) who, unknown to him, is having an affair with his father MKI. His child is actually his brother, with another on the way.

But AK is no saint either as he is also involved in a relationship with Maria’s sister, Purity (Annetta Adebusuyi).

The Ijimakindes are not the only interesting family in ‘Covenant’. Others include the Erhus and the Gbadamosis. These families are intertwined and with their thirst for power, will set off a deadly chain of reactions. Trust is not a common word in this drama and relationships are dangerously complicated.

‘Covenant’ throws light on the political scene in Nigeria. Given the upcoming elections, the drama is layered with political innuendos that show the corruption in the system. It looks at the power play among politicians and the citizens who are often at their mercy. 

With more than 20 episodes aired, the fight for political dominance is just starting as MKI is not relenting in his effort to overthrow the mystery woman who calls the shot in the state, Dame Olarotimi Wellington Stone (Bimbo Oloyede), nor is Gboyega waiting to be ridiculed by MKI.

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