Ngwu: I’ll Build on the Positive Imprint of Ekweremadu

In an interview with UdoraOrizu, the Peoples Democratic Party’s Senatorial Candidate for Enugu West,  OsitaNgwu, speaks on key issues and his plans for his people if elected Senator during the 2023 general election

You’re contesting for Senate to represent Enugu West senatorial district, under the Peoples Democratic Party, how optimistic are you of winning?

 Winning an election is about the people, and I think the good people of Enugu West are massively with me. What it means is that I am on track to victory by the grace of God. However, I and my team will not relent, or take the support of our people for granted. We will continue to talk to them and give them genuine assurance of quality representation at the 10th Senate.

If you emerge victorious in 2023, you will be replacing Senator Ike Ekweremadu who has been in the Red Chamber since May 2003, Do you think he has done well and what would you do differently as a legislator?

Distinguished Senator Ike Ekweremadu is an outstanding parliamentarian who performed creditably. His time at the Senate produced good results for our zone. I will build on the positives.

Campaign season is finally here, what’s your campaign plan, and why should the people of Enugu West vote for OsitaNgwu?

The Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is the apex legislative arm of the National Assembly. It is the foremost legislative institution in Nigeria. Its duties and obligations are as clearly provided for in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, of which I am well acquainted. My primary obligation is to legislate for the welfare, security, peace and good governance of Nigeria with particular interest on Enugu West Senatorial Zone.

The Senate also has oversight responsibility of every public and even private institution in Nigeria. These and more functions of the Senate are well known to me. The fulcrum around which my legislative efforts will revolve in system and organisational reforms. I will focus remarkable legislative efforts of sponsoring or supporting bills that will promote Excellence in Education, Skill Acquisition and Improved Healthcare for the good people Nigeria. I will continually think and craft legislative instruments for the benefit of Enugu West, Enugu State and Nigeria. Furthermore, I will lobby for the appropriation of funds for projects to be sited within my Senatorial constituency for the benefit of all. I will also pay much attention in supporting legislative acts that are focused on Human Capacity Development and further pursue vigorously, Mentorship Programs, Skill acquisition and Job Creation.

I will join forces with other progressives in the national assembly to protect the checks and balances of the Federal Government by the independent exercise of legislative powers.

I will stand on preserving the Environment for the benefit of all and sundry and ensure wise, productive use of Nigeria’s resources. I will stand on carrying out oversight responsibilities to enhance Government accountability and appropriate monies that support necessary Government services.

My time at the Senate will be to the good of Enugu West and Nigeria in general. In the light of what I have said, my mission to the Senate is simple but shall be greatly impactful.

Following the emergence of Peter Obi as the Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party, the party now seems to be a force to be reckoned with come 2023 general election, do you think Nigeria is ready for Igbo Presidency?

Peter Obi is a movement and is making a lot of impact already. Indeed he is a force to reckon with. We have seen an Ijaw man become the President of Nigeria, so every region can be president. It is the votes of the people that determines who the President will be. Let’s wait and see. We can all focus on our campaigns and our plans for the people. They will decide.

Insecurity in the country is getting worse by the day, South-east is now sadly a haven of gunmen who on a daily basis cause mayhem on innocent citizens. What advice would you give to whoever emerges as President 2023, on tackling insecurity?

Insecurity is regrettably becoming a major problem across Nigeria including my beloved South East. I don’t know why the Government allowed things to degenerate to this level. First you need to identify a problem before you can effectively deal with it. My question is, has the Government tried to evaluate the root cause? If no, then there is a bigger problem. If yes, then the solution in near. I always support dialogue especially when fundamental root cause is known.

 Have you started campaigns? What have you done so far?

I and my team have been consulting and laying a foundation for the campaign to start properly. The people are ready for us and are waiting but the Electoral Act does not permit us to start any form of the campaign until 28th September 2022 based on Section 32 (1) of the Electoral Act 2022, With INEC lifting the ban last week, we are swinging into a proper campaign. The youth of Enugu West organized a rally in our support on the 29th of September and the massive turnout of youth is just a tip of the iceberg of what you will see when we eventually hit the communities.

The people want to lead this campaign and it’s overwhelming. It is the Lord’s doing and marvelous in our eyes. It’s been 62 years since Nigeria attained independence, would you say the country is where it ought to be? Regrettably, no. We took steps forward and suddenly entered a reverse gear. In my opinion, we are far behind and I am sure you and most Nigerians share a similar opinion. We all owe this nation a duty to get in right in 2023 or catastrophe will set in.

In a few months, President MuhammaduBuhari will leave office, how would you rate his eight- year reign especially on his three-point agenda, which include revamping the economy, curb corruption and improve security?

Well, President Buhari himself knows that things didn’t go as planned. No president will set an agenda and deliberately fail to meet it so I am sure he will be thinking of what went wrong. Irrespective of the excuses that the current government might give, the economy is not doing well, corruption has not abated, and security has declined as much that you don’t know what happens to you the next day, especially in the South East which used to be the most secured region in the country.

Nonetheless, the North East has experienced mixed results, it gets better today and turns around the next moment. It’s really a bad one.

The presidential candidates of 18 political parties just signed the peace accord, what advise do you have for them as they embark on campaigns?

I’m happy they have all come together to sign the peace accord. But, one thing is to sign and another is to keep to the accord. Politics is not war, so I’m urging all the candidates to focus on issue-based campaigns and clearly tell Nigerians how they want to rescue the country and move it forward. We know that a campaign of calumny doesn’t win an election. Furthermore, the action of the presidential candidates is capable of creating deeper problems for this country if care is not taken. They all need to be careful of their utterances and should also guide their support. In the end, we have one country Nigeria.

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