Golf: IBB, Achimota Matchplay Ignites Nigeria’s Independence Day Party

Olawale Ajimotokan in Abuja

IBB International Golf and Country Club of Abuja and Achimota Club 1934 of Ghana will this morning in Abuja reignite their rivalry in the doubles matchplay which are part of the activities lined up to celebrate Nigeria’s 62nd Independence Day Anniversary.

The matches that end tomorrow with the singles are symbolic as they mark the 25th year of the sustenance of friendly engagements between both clubs.

The international matchplay is one of the activities lined up by IBB Club to celebrate the country’s Independence Anniversary

While briefing the media yesterday, the Chairman of the Independence Golf Tournament Committee, Mr Olabanjo Obaleye noted that despite the challenges facing the country there is more that unites Nigerians than what separates them.

He described 62 years as a milestone that is worthy of celebration.

“We are not doing badly as a country. Golf brings people together. Nigeria is one nation when it comes to sport. I believe there is hope and when there is hope we can begin to seek progressive ways to make life better,” Obaleye, who is the Vice -Captain of IBB International Golf and Country Club said.

Saturday will be the grand finale of the activities that will feature 450 golfers where the overall winner will be presented with a green jacket reminiscent of Nigeria’s dominant national colour.

All the players will also appear in shade of green and white colours on the golf course on Saturday.

The stroke-play is the format of play while the World Handicap System (WHS) index will also apply for the tournament.

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