Gypsy King Calls off Planned Fight with AJ

Tyson ‘Gypsy King’ Fury has declared he will not be fighting Anthony Joshua because “no contract has been signed” after his self-imposed 5pm deadline on Monday. 

Joshua said on Sunday he will sign the contract to fight Fury after the WBC champion issued an ultimatum if they are to put together their all-British heavyweight battle this year. 

Fury, who initially called for Joshua to sign the contract by Monday, returned to Instagram to state that Joshua had until 5pm otherwise he will walk away from the deal. 

But Fury later went on Instagram to say: “It’s official. D Day has come and gone. It’s gone past 5pm Monday, no contract has been signed. It’s officially over for Joshua. He’s now out in the cold with the wolfpack. Forget about it. Idiot. Coward!” 

He goes on to say: “I always knew you didn’t have the minerals to fight the Gypsy King. Good luck with your career, and your life.” 

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