BBNaija S7: Supreme Veto Power Goes to Chichi

By Vanessa Obioha

Finally, Chichi gets to hold the Head of House title in the ongoing Big Brother Naija Level Up season. Being the penultimate week to the end of the season, Chichi gets an automatic spot in the finale and the supreme veto power to save two housemates for a place in the finale. 

So far this season, the Level One housemates have earned the HoH titles more than the Level Two housemates, even after the levels were merged. 

The first HoH of the season was EloSwag. Other Level One housemates who have been HoHs include Hermes, Chomzy, Adekunle and Dotun.

For this week’s Head of House challenge, Big Brother raised the stakes by creating a unique game of see-saw beans. The game was specially crafted with a shallow container shaped like the Big Brother eye on the end of a beam and a basin with five plastic balls at the other end.

The challenge was to transfer a ball from the basin and place it carefully in the shallow bin on the other end. The participants could only move one ball at a time and were not allowed to use their hands to touch any part of the beam except the starting end. If a ball drops or falls out of the shallow container, it must be returned to the starting container.

Allotted 15 minutes, the first housemate to successfully move all five balls to the shallow container and return to the starting point would be declared the winner and new Head of House. If none of the participants completes the task, the housemate with the most balls in the shallow bin would win the game.

Chichi successfully moved all five balls to the shallow end, signified her completion, and was declared the new Head of House and super veto power holder. On the other end, Daniella was declared the new Tail of House.

The remaining housemates were asked to pitch to Chichi for a spot in the finale. At the end of the day, Chichi chose Phyna and Daniella, leaving Groovy, Hermes, Bella, Bryann, Sheggz and Adekunle up for possible eviction this weekend.

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