How Jubna’s Different Native Ad Formats Are Impacting The Nigerian Publishing Space



The publishing industry in Nigeria for some time has experienced serious survival threats due to factors like the state of the Nigerian economy, the reading culture of users, and evolving media trends. With the solution to the state of the economy not too easy to project, the news publishing industry in Nigeria has been crying out for inevitable change and the state of publishing in Nigeria is one that requires internal assessment and radical change as a way of achieving more success which is why the expansion into Nigeria by U.A.E based native advertising company Jubna has created a positive impact on the Nigerian publishing industry since Q4 of 2021.

Jubna, founded in 2014 has been the leading provider of different native format ads in the MENA region since 2014 and the company has recorded amazing success in the region considering how it has worked with over 500 publishers with an estimated reach of 300 Million and over 20 Billion recommendations. Jubna has impressive native ad formats like sticky ads, in-article ads, and under-article ads that are suited. Compared to many other native ad platforms, Jubna has the most impressive ad formats that have resulted in huge success for many of its publishing partners. Many publishers in Nigeria have seen huge revenue jumps of up to 150% which has made Jubna one of the fastest content discovery platforms in Nigeria.

Since its expansion into Nigeria in the latter part of 2021, the company has created a positive impact in the Nigerian publishing space and it has helped in creating more revenue opportunities for Nigerian publishers to enable their sustainability as a business. The impact created by Jubna has been driven by advanced ad serving algorithms and audience interests machine learning modules and the company prides itself as the best native ad network with the fastest and light-weight native ad formats that result in better visibility and exposure of ads.

The different native ad formats employed by Jubna allow Nigerian publishers to be flexible in trying out different ad styles and zones and this has been a key reason why in less than one year of operating in Nigeria the company has partnered up with top Nigerian publishers such as Guardian, Daily Post, Leadership, Sun News and many more. Jubna ads and content now reach close to 40% of internet traffic in Nigeria with more than 20 Million monthly users and an impressive portfolio of Tier A and B Nigerian publishers with partners in other regions like Kenya, Ghana, and South Africa.

Speaking more about why Jubna is doubling down on its commitment to investing resources into Nigeria, the C.E.O of Jubna Basel Sayaf had this to say “After taking the lead in MENA, Jubna now brings its 8 years of Ad-tech experience to the African region and we are committed to providing leading web publishers in Africa with new monetization solutions, connecting them with hundreds of advertisers from around the world through our simple and intuitive platform.”

The expansion efforts at Jubna are backed by a team of many years of marketing experience in the technology sector in Nigeria and Jubna’s Marketing and Growth Manager Babajide Esho added further that “Nigeria is yet to see its fullest native advertising potential and Jubna is rightly positioned to integrate into the growth process of the economy through advertising. Based on our growth over the last 10 months it is evident that our value proposition aligns and solves many of the unique issues that Nigerian publishers are currently facing”

Jubna expanding into Nigeria contributes to an already vibrant technology space in Nigeria with a growing number of internet-based companies in Nigeria that are creating more avenues for significant economic growth that have helped to create jobs, reduce poverty and play a part in solving Nigeria’s current and future development challenges.

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