Heritage Bank Appoints George-Taylor as Acting MD

It marked the end of an era at Heritage Bank Plc with the retirement of the organisation’s acting Managing Director (MD), Dr. Ifie Sekibo. As Sekibo has completed his 10 years of service as the bank’s head person, the board of directors is ready to hand over the reins of leadership to someone who can take things up a notch, continuing from where Sekibo stopped and raising the stats of the bank’s achievements in the years to come. And Akinola George-Taylor is this person.

With the appointment, George-Taylor is expected to immediately begin to direct the flow of resources and operations at the bank, driving the numbers up in Heritage Bank’s favour. Aligned with the old administrative staff, George-Taylor also gets to wield the abilities of Osepiribo Ben-Willie and George Oko-Oboh, two high-flying individuals who were appointed with him.

According to reports, George-Taylor taking over from Sekibo was signed and approved by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), showing the kind of ability that the new Heritage Bank acting MD has. Considering the fact that he has been actively involved in revolutionizing the Nigerian banking sector since the ‘90s is enough reason for him to take over an institution as stellar as Heritage Bank.

Within George-Taylor’s 20-plus years in the banking and finance sector, the man broke a lot of records. He started working at GTBank in 1993, starting from the bottom and making his way to the top. His contributions raised the bank’s ratings so many times that he was made an Executive Director in charge of the Public Sector Group (at Abuja and North-Central Nigeria) in no time. Even more incredibly, he was soon sent to GTBank’s branch in Sierra Leone to head the place as MD, a position that he held until 2009.

George-Taylor’s genius is still very active, which is why the board of directors at Heritage Bank is happy to hand over the reins of power to him. Truly, a new era is upon the organisation.

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