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God Gives Good Music

God Gives Good Music


Temiloluwa Bayode popularly known as TeeMirror is an Afrobeats artiste who began his music career professionally from his university days at UNILORIN. He has relentlessly pushed what he knows how to do best and risen to a level of impact. TeeMirror is more than ready to break more grounds. He talks to Tosin Clegg about his music journey much more 

I started as a chorister

My music journey started as a chorister and later, a choirmaster in college FGCI. It professionally began in 2010 when I recorded my first song. I recorded more and more until Tanke Sir, a cover of PSY’s gangnam style gave me a breakout. The song organically grew until I needed to face life proper. I left music for media in a bid to satisfy another talent of mine, especially the one that could bring active income to feed my family. Experiences from there made me learn better about making music, promotions and power of leverage.

Making meaningful songs

Although my songs are moments inspired, I specially get the direction to make meaningful songs. I just must tell you that my new song, Daily2K is everygreen, because it speaks volumes about the day to day hustle of an average African man, especially the chants of prayer and motivation. It takes me just a short period of time to get a song done. So far, the inspiration is ready, the beat syncs, I am ready to record. I have finished a song in four hours before.

I have done a lot of songs in the past which I’ll say was my elementary stage. Right now, I am pushing my new song and I will be dropping an Extended Play (E.P) shortly after this, titled, “WW -WDD” Which means “what works works, what doesn’t, doesn’t” a self-created quote derived from Que Sera sera. The songs I’ve made in so many ways have shaped my person, my career. The impact is also visible on fans as the testimonials have pushed me to do more.

Good music depends on content 

When the content is right, a good music is easily identified even when it’s not socially accepted. For key elements of churning out good music, you need the right inspiration, the right beat and the right mixing and mastering. Above all, God gives good music!

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