Energy Transition Without Access Unsustainable, Says NECONDE Boss

Energy Transition Without Access Unsustainable, Says NECONDE Boss

Emmanuel Addeh

The Managing Director, Neconde Energy Limited, Monday Okoro, has said that clean energy access for all citizens, irrespective of location remains the surest bet for a successful global energy transition and the fight against climate change.

Okoro, a statement said, spoke in Lagos at a panel discussion on “Operationalising a Clean Energy Transition for Sustainable Development of Africa” at the 45th Nigeria Annual International Conference and Exhibition (NAICE).

According to Okoro, both authorities and players in the energy sector should work on meeting the huge energy demands of the citizenry to ensure sustainable development that will move the majority of the populace from poverty, by allowing access to clean energy.

He also called for the deployment of gas as a major facilitator of development, urging Nigeria to put it to local use instead of export.

‘’Nigeria should focus on utilising the gas being produced locally to develop the country instead of exporting it overseas as the local usage of available gas will accelerate access to cleaner energy needed to power sustainable development,’’ he added.

Okoro, a former Vice President of Schlumberger, explained that shipping gas to Europe cannot be termed a success for the industry, advising that: “ We should use it at home to reduce carbon emission in the country and prioritise our economic development.’’

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