How Nigerians can Travel Visa-free with Second Passport

How Nigerians can Travel Visa-free with Second Passport

Nosa Alekhuogie 

Mobility Options Consulting Limited has announced that four Certified Canadian Immigration Consultants have joined the company to meet the increasing demand for a second passport from high-net worth Individuals across Nigeria.

According to a recently published index, Nigerian citizens have visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 46 countries. 

The Nigerian passport is ranked 100 out of 116 governments. Separate from those 46 visa-free countries, there are 147 additional destinations where Nigerians need to get visa approval.

Vice President, Diaspora of Mobility Options Consulting, Tukeni Obasi, who explained how Nigerians used to wait for months, sometimes longer, for visa approval to attend their child’s wedding or graduation ceremony, said with a second passport, Nigerians could travel visa-free to over 100 countries to attend foreign conference, business meetings, family engagement, or even on vacation. 

“The best part is that spouse, children, siblings, and parents can be granted citizenship from a country that has a stable government and primary healthcare benefits among other exciting reasons. These combined benefits make a second passport very appealing to anyone looking to travel with limited visa requirements and looking to ensure their family’s safety and security,” Obasi said. 

Vice President, Mobility Options Consulting, Canada, Panebi Oboh, said: “With a second passport, you will always have the right to live and work in another country – thanks to the tax breaks, wealth management, additional life insurance, investment for your future, and a protective shield for your family. Through the Canadian Start-Up Visa Program, skilled entrepreneurs with innovative ideas could potentially open up an entirely new line of lucrative business opportunities to pursue.”

President, Mobility Options Consulting, Ebi Obaro, said: “Mobility is the biggest motivating factor for those who seek restriction-less travel so that they can freely move around for holidays and trade events without filling out lengthy visa documents and seeking appointments at visa offices.” 

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