ADC’s Kachikwu Unveils Ahmed Buhari as Running Mate

The Action Democratic Congress (ADC) Presidential candidate, Dumebi Kachikwu, has unveiled Ahmed Buhari as his running mate for the 2023 election.

Buhari, who is African Union Ambassador and Agenda 20263 envoy, is a promising leader and hails from Niger State.

Speaking immediately after unveiling his running mate, Kachikwu said newspaper headlines on the state of insecurity in Nigeria is eliciting panic, adding that people who didn’t understand the country think it was in a state of war while those who had been deceived by the government that all was well now realise, they are in trouble.

“Many of us have seen the gory images of eight of our heroic soldiers drawn from the Presidential Guards Brigade killed by terrorists in the Bwari area of Abuja. Bwari is a 30-minute drive from the residence of our President. We are told that they planned to attack the Nigerian Law School.  The Kuje Prison that was attacked a few weeks ago and terrorists released is also a 30- minute drive from President Buhari’s residence.

“Just in case we are forgetting his advance team was attacked in Katsina on the same day the prison was attacked, and some policemen killed. Nigeria has become the killing field of the world. Our military are being slaughtered, our citizens are being slaughtered and our dear President went to Liberia to make a speech on security. This same President left the country for Senegal a few hours after the Kuje prison attack,” he said.

According to him, “We now begin to wonder if there is a connection between his trips and the attacks. Is he running? This question has to be asked because he swore an oath to defend the lives and property of Nigerians, but he is now presiding over our funerals.

“He has run out of excuses for the abysmal failure of his government, so he just takes off. Many people have rumoured that this is a carefully orchestrated plan by this government to extend their stay in office by ensuring the country won’t be able to hold elections while some also say they want to hand over the country to terrorists similar to what we saw in Afghanistan, but I believe that it is a simple case of a man who can’t give what he doesn’t have.”

According to Buhari, his eponym no longer has the capacity to run the affairs of the nation and rather than resign honourably, he watches as Nigerians die daily.

“This is not why we are here today, but I can’t just be silent in the face of this carnage. President Buhari you rode into office several years ago in a blaze of glory.

“You had unprecedented goodwill. The masses especially those from the North believed that you were coming to save them from war and poverty. Those in the South were hoodwinked into believing that you were a reformed dictator. You even wore a tuxedo and shed tears. A crying General? The people bought it and today the North is finished, ” Kachukwu added.

“Your home state of Katsina has fallen to bandits. Thousands have died under your watch, tens of thousands displaced, thousands in captivity and tens of thousands in IDP camps. Our economy has been decimated under your watch.

“In a time of war, you continue to polarise our country along religious and tribal lines. As a retired General you inherited a N100 billion annual internal security budget from President Jonathan and still continue with that same budget and expect that our troops won’t be killed?  Kachukwu asked.

Kachukwu said if Nigerians vote ADC to power, the people will be able to go back to their farms and communities adding that small businesses will thrive again.

“If you (Buhari) fail to do this, you might be actively fueling the rumours that you want the terrorists to take over our nation. President Buhari as intoxicating as power might be please remember that honour demands that when you are no longer able to faithfully execute your sworn oath to your people and nation you must resign.

“I have dwelled on security today because it speaks to the oath of office every president must take. Our nation faces myriad challenges all debilitating and our people are suffering. As we then approach the next elections it becomes important that we do not make the mistakes of the past. Several years ago, Nigerians were deceived into voting in the APC Government,”Kachikwu added.

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