Obi Emelonye’s ‘Black Mail’ Opens in 100 UK Cinemas

Obi Emelonye’s ‘Black Mail’ Opens in 100 UK Cinemas

Ferdinand Ekechukwu

Obi Emelonye’s multiple award-winning cybercrime thriller, ‘Black Mail’ is set for an unprecedented simultaneous release in cinemas across the United Kingdom and Nigeria. Starring OC Ukeje in the lead, the film will begin screening across over 100 UK cinemas from August 26, 2022, according to the UK-based Nigerian filmmaker. “Black Mail’ movie is Coming!” Emelonye wrote in a post.

Nothing that “It is with a mixture of excitement, gratitude and fear that I announce the release of our movie “Black Mail” in over 100 UK cinemasfrom Friday, the 26th OF August 2022! Unprecedented, humongous but frightening opportunity!” Written and directed by Emelonye, the feature length film based on real life events follows the gripping tale of Ray Chinda (O.C Ukeje), a world famous action star embroiled in a messy blackmail that could ruin his thriving career and family.

The film’s stellar cast include Netflix’s Top Boy actor Alessandro Babalola, Nicolay Shulik, Julia Holden, Natalia Nyudyurbegova, Jelena Borovskaya, Tony Richardson and Emma Fletcher. Since its official outing at the British Urban Film Festival (BUFF 2021) where it screened as the opening film, Blackmail has maintained a steady trajectory, recording nominations and wins at international awards and festivals.

The film won the Best Film by an African Living Abroad at the 2021 African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) in Nigeria. It also made the official selection for the 2021 edition of the Halifax Black Film Festival in Canada. Meanwhile, “Money Miss Road,” another Obi Emelonye‘s action-comedy, is heading to the big screens this July.

The thrilling new film produced by Joy Odiete will launch in cinemas nationwide on July 22. Starring Jidekene Achufusi, comedian Josh ‘Josh2Funny’ Alfred and veteran entertainer Charles ‘Charly Boy’ Oputa, Money Miss Road, the Emelonye directorial, follows the story of two down-on-their-luck friends Josiah and Joseph. The film had its original title as ‘Hunt’.

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